2023 Reagan Day Dinner

Milestones In the Video:

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The total duration is the video if 1:48:04 (h:mm:ss). If you wish to skip to a specific part of the video, use one of the buttons below to select the section you wish to view.

Jump To - Welcome by Lane Sullivan: 0:00:00 (h:mm:ss).

Jump To - Invocation by Rev. Raphael Cruz: 0:02:50 (h:mm:ss).

Jump To - Presentation of the colors, national anthem and pledges: 0:05:18 (h:mm:ss).

Jump To - Jennifer Stoddard Hajdu with introductions of dignitaries, thanks, remarks and awards: 0:09:10 (h:mm:ss).

Jump To - Brooke Rollins introduces Doug Deason: 0:22:50 (h:mm:ss).

Jump To - Doug Deason, 2023 recipiant of the Fred R. Myer Award: 0:38:26 (h:mm:ss).

Jump To - Lisa Troutt Introduces FL Governor Ron DeSantis: 0:44:40 (h:mm:ss)

Jump To - Keynote speech by Fl Governor Ron DeSantis: 0:54:09 (h:mm:ss)

Jump To - Keynote fireside chat with Gov. Ron and First Lady Casey DeSantis: 1:16:48 (h:mm:ss)