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An Enhanced Precinct Chair List Has Been Added

July 6, 2022 - As part of my continuing efforts to add more features to the Precinct Chair Portal and make it more useful to our Chairs, I have added several new features to the Precinct Chairs List that are available in the Precinct Chair Portal.

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First, the page is now a version created for exclusive use in the Precinct Chair Portal. It is an expanded version of the public version of the list that you'll see in the primary navigation under the "Leadership" menu. By the way, both lists are now dynamic and will automatically update when the new "official" DCRP database of sitting chairs changes. When the database changes such as when the Precinct Chair Status of each precinct changes to "Filled," both lists will automatically update upon their next viewing. The list is current for all Precinct Chairs voted into office for the 2022-2024 term. Also, it is current for all appointed Chairs currently confirmed by the CEC. Further, Susan and I are endeavoring to update the master database as soon as new Precinct Chairs are confirmed by the CEC. Expect a significant change at the CEC meeting in July (in a couple of weeks) when we are likely to confirm approximately 50 new Chairs. I have all of the "Pendings" queued up and will change their status as soon as they are confirmed. Then, the list will continue to grow as we recruit and confirm new Chairs at each CEC meeting going forward.

Second, I have added the current count of the number of registered voters in each precinct. This data comes directly from the official DCED Voter File and is current as of June 30, 2022. This count will vary slightly (+/- 3-6%) from the GOP Data Center counts but my counts shown will be more timely and more accurate since I am drawing the data from the DCED Voter File of ~1.4-million Dallas County voter registration records. I will endeavor to update this list from time to time as I get a new list from my ongoing FOIA requests from DCED (I get a new file approximately every 60 days - more frequently as we get closer to the November election.)  Unfortunately, DCED doesn't make this list available online and in real-time through an API so I have to submit a FOIA request for a new version of the file periodically and update my database in batches.

Third, I have added the "official" DCED Precinct Map for every Precinct in Dallas County as PDF files. These maps are shown in real-time and will change automatically every time they are updated at DCED's contractor, clarityelections.com (Scytl.) In the PDF toolbar at the top of each map, you can elect to print the map or download the map to your device.

I will add some more features to this list throughout the summer as time allows and as I expand my database. This will be an ongoing project for some time.

Join The Forum Discussion

I have opened a thread in the Precinct Chair Forum for discussion on the enhanced list and to field any questions you might have. Please join the discussion.

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