Announcement - Election Worker Re-Confirmation

Please Re-Confirm Your Election Worker Status

Sometime in the last six months or so, you have submitted a form indicating your willingness to serve as an Election Worker for the Dallas County elections.

The big General Election is just four months away and we are preparing our Election Team now. We must submit all of our Republican names for the November election to the Dallas County Elections Department by July 21, 2022.

Please reply no later than the end of business today, Wednesday, July 20 so we can meet our due date.

We are asking that you re-confirm your service immediately. Since you likely have served before, the re-confirmation process is easy and quick. Many of you have already re-confirmed and we're asking those that haven't to do so now.

Simply submit the form at the button below to get the ball rolling. It is very easy. We will update your records so we can submit your information to Dallas County Elections Department by the upcoming deadline. Upon submission of the form, you will get an immediate on-screen confirmation as well as an e-mail version for your records.

Training, both Dallas County training, and the Dallas County Republican Party Training, will be announced later this summer.

Click Here To Re-Confirn Your Service As An Election Worker

The November 8th Election Day is extremely important! This election is our opportunity to take back Dallas County. It is time to recruit election workers. Dallas GOP must submit to the election department a list of workers by July 31st.

For this Joint Election, there will be approximately 467 voting locations on November 8th.

Of those 467 locations, 126 will have Republican judges. The Republican Judges will have the opportunity to hire 2 clerks or the Republican Party will help you find them.

There are approximately 341(+-) locations that will be manned by Democrat judges. Many of these locations are in the southern area of the county. It is possible that the only Republican at that location will be the alternate.

To ensure election integrity it is critical that Republican alternate judges work in EVERY Dallas County location! As a minimum, we need a minimum of 719 TOTAL Republicans to step up to serve as either a Judge, Alternate or Clerk.

We hear over and over from people who demand fair and honest elections. Please consider giving one day to turn the county RED. One or more Republican election workers in EVERY location are the keys to election integrity in Dallas County. Consider fighting the battle in a ‘tough’ location. You will be trained as election warriors, and training is critical to know WHAT to look for in order to fight election fraud!

If you have served as a judge or alternate judge before and would like to continue at that location, indicate your requested location on the form using either of the two buttons shown on this page (they both connect to the same form.)  Assignments will be made on a first-come basis, and the best locations will go first.  We need to know we can count on you. Please do not delay, and please forward this email to anyone you know that would be interested.

Thank you ALL 

Click Here To Re-Confirn Your Service As An Election Worker

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