Announcement - Precinct Chair Feature

An Enhanced Precinct Chair List Has Been Added

July 7, 2022 - I apologize for sending this, the third e-campaign message out this week with updates about the Precinct Chair Portal. I have yet another new feature added to the Precinct Chair Portal tonight. We're on a roll, with both the developer team and the data collection team hitting on all 8 cylinders right now. We're finishing the development of these new features much quicker than I originally projected.

Tonight's new feature will show the Registered Voter Composition of each Precinct by the GOP Data Center's "Voter Information Criteria" and its metric of "Calculated Party." You often hear us talking about "Hard R" and "Hard D"; well, this is where those terms and their source data originate.

The data and the resulting pie chart are customized and unique for each precinct in Dallas County. Each precinct's Registered Voter Composition is expressed as a pie chart and shown with call-outs percentages of each classification.

This feature is available for Precinct Chairs in the Precinct Chair List. Simply click "Details" for each precinct in the list.

Click Here To Go To the Enhanced Precinct Chair List - Login Required

As an example, below is a screenshot of the item view for my own Precinct 2023. To see your customized precinct information, simply click on the "Details" button in the Precinct Chair List as shown in the button above.

I built the charting object to be fully dynamic and drive from my Precinct Chair's database. The instant the database is updated, the page and its element, including the charting object, will update upon the next page view. Unfortunately, the source files for the Precinct Composition data is NOT(!!) available as a live API (application programming interface) BUT I do get batch updates from time to time, like every 60 days and more frequently as we get closer to elections. I will update the database when I get updates on the source data.

Join The Forum Discussion

I have opened a thread in the Precinct Chair Forum for discussion on the enhanced list and to field any questions you might have. Please join the discussion.

Click Here To See the Discussion In the Forum - Login Required

Logging Into the Precinct Chair Portal

All Precinct Chairs have User Accounts already established that will allow you to log into the Precinct Chair Portal.

Log in to the portal using your registered e-mail address and your secret password as your login credentials. If you have forgotten your password, please click the "Password?" link in the lower right of the login menu and follow the resulting on-screen instructions. The system will reset your password instantly and immediately e-mail instructions for confirming and completing the reset. You should get the e-mail just as quickly as your e-mail service can post new incoming messages. Typically, you should receive it in less than a minute.

Please note that if your e-mail reader strips off our authentication token that is embedded in the e-mail confirmation that we send you (some e-mail readers/services will strip the token as a misguided effort cloaked as an e-mail "security" or "anti-tracking" measures), the lack of the token will prevent you from completing your reset automatically. If that happens, call Bill Anderton at (214) 684-5793 and he will perform a manual reset for you while you are on the phone.

If you have any login issues and need any other assistance, please call Bill Anderton at the phone number shown above. Call any time.

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