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The ‘Tween Season in Politics
November 22, 2022

The Dallas County Republican Party has a lot going on right now. The election didn’t end our work, it just caused it to reorient and shift gears. This is the ‘tween season in politics.

We are ending one election cycle while gearing up for the next. For a short period, it is totally normal to be in both cycles at the same time. Neither of the two cycles has a clean edge where one ends and the other begins. Instead, the edges overlap. Where they overlap is the ‘tween season.

This work is typical of every election. Even while we are ending one election, other work is beginning on the next even before the recent election is finalized and certified. As a result, we're 'tweening.

Also, actual governing begins early in the new cycle. This also contributes to the ‘tween season.

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A Long-Term Project and Big Leap
November 18, 2022

Much as we like to win elections, we recognize that Dallas County did not turn blue overnight and it will only turn back to red again if we pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, roll up our sleeves and get back to work. 

This is a long-term project, one that liberals took many years to accomplish, while we fooled ourselves into thinking that all we had to do is show up to vote every couple of years.  We have had many contributors who are blessed with different talents.  This is not a one-, two- or three-member team.  Over the past 15 months, we have accomplished many things and are very proud of what has been accomplished.

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Texas Is a Red State but Dallas is a Blue County
November 15, 2022

There are Democrats in Texas! We know because we have a lot of them right here in Dallas County.

The last blog posting last Friday titled “Texas is a Red State” all but required me to add today’s posting as a corollary: Texas is Red but Dallas is Blue. I’m further compelled to finish the statement as a children's rhyme, “bunches of Democrats are in the county, what can you do?”

There are approximately 1.4-million registered voters in Dallas County. Currently, about 20% of them are Republicans and 46% of them are Democrats. The remainder, about 34%, are swing voters, also known as independents. If half of the swing votes break our way, we will still lose county-wide elections by 150,000 votes. This doesn’t require political calculus; it is just simple math; mechanics.

On November 8th, Republicans lost every county-wide race.

Republicans are the minority party in Dallas County; at least for now.

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Texas Is a Red State
November 11, 2022

According to many in the press, Texas is turning purple. Yeah, sure, any day now.

Can we lay this trope to rest? Texas turning purple is a pipedream used to raise campaign funds from out-of-state donors. Texas is a red state. Texans know it; even the candidates know it but outside money from deep blue sources still pours into the state every election cycle.

These left-coast donors have become like Herman Melville's Ahab chasing his white whale, "to the last I grapple with thee; from hell's heart I stab at thee; for hate's sake I spit my last breath at thee." Dude, give it a rest. Texas really doesn't care what you think. Don't mess with Texas!

Don’t get me wrong, we like what these misspent campaign donations do for the State’s economy. Much of it gets spent here and we really appreciate the business. Lots of media buys, and lots of political consultants buying bigger boats and the latest Porsches. But the funds produce few political results of any consequence.

The upshot is that Republicans control the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of the government of the State of Texas.

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We'll Be Live Blogging All Day and Evening on Election Day, Nov. 8th
November 08, 2022

As a supplement to the DCRP's regular blog on Tuesday, Election Day, (we normally publish the blog on Tuesday and Friday), I will also be running a public live blog on Election Day.

I will be live blogging all day; first from the DCRP "Command Center" at Headquarters and then from the DCRP Watch Party in the evening.

Live blogs, as the name implies, will be created and displayed live and in real time. They will be mostly text but will contain a fair number of pictures and some inline video as time allows. My objective is to inform you of key events and news as it occurs. Also, I will try to capture the excitement of voting operations and the Watch Party as we begin to get information for local, state and national results.

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Democrats, Well There’s Your Problem
November 04, 2022

I’m not in the business of giving political advice to Democrats (as if they wanted it), but in this case, I can’t pass up the opportunity.

On Thursday, Breitbart moved a story titled: “Gavin Newsom Warns Democrats: ‘Red Wave’ Is Coming Tuesday”

In the story, the man with a lot of product in his hair is credited with making the following statement:

California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) is warning fellow Democrats that a “red wave” is coming next Tuesday and that the party is not doing enough to compete with Republicans on “messaging.”

Well, Guv, it isn’t that the Democrats aren’t doing enough to compete with Republicans on messaging, the simple truth is that a LARGE portion of the electorate isn’t buying what the Democrats are selling!

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Make-Believe Crashes into Reality
November 01, 2022

The Left's reliance on make-believe is unfettered. More to the point, it is their modus operandi.

Pretend that a war on our domestic energy industry will reduce gas prices.

Pretend that defunding and demoralizing the police will reduce crime.

Pretend that massive government spending will reduce inflation.

Pretend that ignoring the Constitution will make us better.

But, reality has a funny way of intruding on one’s make-believe world to make course corrections. That is the problem with make-believe worlds, at some point the thin walls of the bubble bursts and in crashes reality.

In our Constitutional Republic, reality asserts itself at the ballot box. Bubbles burst.

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A Profound Act of Political Malpractice
October 28, 2022

The collective wisdom is that people can’t take their eyes off of a trainwreck; that we are hardwired to observe disasters as they happen A trainwreck holds a peculiar fascination for observers.

Well, personally, I reached my limit Tuesday night.

Like a lot of people, I tuned in to see the Pennsylvania Senate Debate between John Fetterman, the Democratic Lt. Governor of the state, and Republican Dr. Mehmet Oz on Tuesday night. This will be the only debate of the race. The Democrats think they have (or more accurately "had," until Tuesday night) a chance of flipping the seat.

The debate was too painful to watch to the end. I had to turn it off. It was a trainwreck that I simply could not watch for long. Fetterman didn't simply lose a debate, it was an act of self-immolation. Yes, Fetterman is the opposition for a race to control the Senate but watching Fetterman’s sad performance and self-destruction seemed dirty even if it was a political opponent.

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November 2022 Election - Time For Change and Time to Choose
October 24, 2022

On July 29, 2021, Dallas County Republican Party elected Jennifer Stoddard Hajdu as Chairwoman and permanently lowered the white flag of surrender and began mounting the greatest effort on offense to take back Dallas County and restore it to its former glory of law and order, fiscal responsibility and common sense leadership.

For the first time in a decade, we have great hope of reversing the downward spiraling of Dallas County into the new Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, Los Angeles. Pick one, pick any as every one of these once-great cities has deteriorated under progressive socialist leadership. 

Dallas County Republican Party is not waving the white flag of surrender. Are you? This is your choice. Will you make the right one? This should be an easy one. Take a stand; make a difference. Show up and vote!

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Share These 8 Reasons Tulsi Gabbard Left The Democrat Party With Your Democrat-Voting Friends
October 21, 2022

From the Federalist, "The eight reasons Tulsi Gabbard left the Democrat Party are perfect for explaining to your common-sense Democrat-voting friends and family why their party has left them behind."

Forward by Jennifer Stoddard Hajdu, Dallas County Republican Party Chair.

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The Legislative Priority to Ban Democrat Committee Chairs
October 18, 2022

From a Texas Legislative Priority point-of-view we are being told by everyone that we “need to wait until we see who gets elected” before they are willing to commit to anything they might do once getting elected. The Legislative Priority for the Texas Legislature to Ban Democrat Committee Chairs is unique in that it is an issue that will be decided in the rules that are adopted on the second day of the session.  It is truly going to be our first look at those who support doing things differently than they have in the past and those that are more comfortable with the established ways, and results.

Because politics-as-usual is so tough to crack, we have to come up with new and creative ways to get the grassroots moving to affect the outcome.  We are all working to encourage the grassroots in our districts to turn out the Republican vote all the way down the ballot.  We should also be taking this opportunity to plant the seed that the reason to get our Republicans elected is so that they can work on the bills supporting our Legislative Priorities. 

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Bidenflation, the Cruelest Tax
October 14, 2022

Things are bigger in Texas. Unfortunately, that also now includes inflation. The inflation rate in DFW is higher than the national figures. In Dallas-Fort Worth, inflation remained above the U.S. average in September as higher utilities, rent, and food prices drove local inflation up 9.2% from a year ago.

When inflation really hits home is during trips to the grocery store (using gas that is harder to afford.) All of the food items in a shopping cart at your local mega mart are 10% above last year. Leading the pack, according to the Dallas Morning News on October 13th, fruits and vegetables are up 21.9% over last year. Only Daddy War Bucks can afford to tell Little Orphan Annie to eat her vegetables. The cost of "an apple a day keeps the doctor away" is really expensive healthcare advice.

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Let-'em-go Creuzot MUST GO! Faith Johnson for Dallas County DA!
October 07, 2022

Reminiscing back to the 80's and reading of the deep corruption of the Mexican government and thinking, "thank God we live in America! That will never happen here!" Well, guess what. In our own backyard, it is here. People just have to shake their heads in amazement that a Dallas County Criminal District Attorney, elected by residents to prosecute people who break the law, would give mass absolution and look the other way from hundreds of people who now blatantly break the law. And who openly thumb their noses at our hard-working police, who feel that they are spinning their wheels trying to protect law-abiding citizens from chronic offenders.

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Pure Evil ...Too Late for James Younger?
September 30, 2022

How is this allowed to happen?  In a world turned upside down, the plight of this now 10-year-old boy and his twin brother that is caught in a tragic tug of war child custody case continues.  This little boy has been tossed to an apparently misguided mother to be taken across state lines in order to commit child abuse of an unconscionable level by an activist judge in a Dallas court.

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Help Protect Election Integrity: Become a Poll Watcher
September 23, 2022

In summary, what do Poll Watchers do? Poll Watcher … well, first and foremost … watch. They then report their observations. That’s it in a nutshell. It is a noble calling.

Our volunteer Poll Watchers serve a vital role in the voting process by helping to protect election integrity in our Dallas County Voting Centers. Poll Watchers are the last line of protection in the elections process that helps ensure free, fair and legal elections. Poll Watchers simply observe voting operations and report any anatomies or irregulates up the chain to the DCRP Elections Integrity Committee for any action that may be necessary. The overall goal is to make sure elections in Dallas County are conducted according to Texas laws and the election code.

This year, the DCRP has more than doubled the size of our Poll Watcher corps and we are still recruiting new members. We want the November 8th General Election to be the most well-observed election ever.

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Trouble in Paradise?
September 16, 2022

A story for the Dallas Morning News, reports internecine fighting between two prominent Dallas County Democrats over yet a third Democrat.

According to the story, there is a fight between Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price and Dallas County Democrat Party Chair Kristy Noble. As reported, JWP wrote a letter calling Kristy Noble “vain” over a get-out-the-vote door-hanger campaign that featured her picture on the back. 

But here, the plot thickens. Tellingly, the letter also took a direct swipe at Ms. Noble for not supporting the ouster of the Dallas County Elections Administrator, Michael Scarpello who is also a Democrat.

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After a Week, the Dark Brandon Speech Has Not Played Well and It Was Not Honest
September 09, 2022

Things haven’t gone well for Biden since his “speech from hell” last week.  There are rumors this week of intermural conflicts inside the White House staff over the speech and Biden’s advance team being scapegoated for allowing the from-hell visual framing in the closeups.

It is also obvious that Biden’s speech from hell wasn’t remotely truthful; it only demonstrated Biden’s tendency to contort the truth merely to reinforce the premise he is trying to make at the time.

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Well, Biden’s Speech May Have Unified Us After All
September 02, 2022

Even the Biden White House doesn’t get things THIS WRONG with the ineptitude we’ve come to expect. This was not an accident. No, this was very deliberate. Despicable, but planned.

Political theater: Democrat Kabuki – a classic mid-term misdirection that attempts to change the conversation.

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No Destruction of Any Records from the 2020 Election!
August 26, 2022

In a meeting with Dallas County Elections Administrator Michael Scarpello, on Thursday, it was conveyed to him how many Republicans were concerned with the pending expiration of data archiving requirements from the November 2020 election department.  He was very reassuring when he responded that due to two pending lawsuits and a currently ongoing Secretary of State audit from the 2020 election, there would be absolutely no destruction of any records from that election.

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