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Dec 30

Happy New Year and a Resolution Suggestion for the New Year

Happy New Year! We hope you have a joyous and successful 2023.

We want to especially thank all the people who supported us and helped the Dallas County Republican Party in 2022 by volunteering. We made great strides in building the Party and are endeavoring to do even more in 2023 as we build on the foundational work from this year.

If you don’t already know, the Dallas County Republican Party is almost entirely a grassroots volunteer-driven organization. We have only a very small professional staff. We grew the Party in 2022 based on the good work performed by all of our very talented and deeply committed volunteers. The growth that we will achieve in 2023 will also be the result of the help provided by our grassroots.

As a volunteer myself, I would like to ask all of the 2022 volunteers to join me in my New Year’s Resolution to redouble our volunteering efforts in 2023. Also, if you are a potentially new volunteer, resolve to join us in 2023 in any of the many positions we have available. We need all of your help to continue the fight to take our county back.

There are plenty of opportunities for meaningful work you can do. You should be able to find something that interests you.  Find a spot you like and take the first step on the road to a brighter future for all in our community.

In the broadest terms for 2023, building on 2022, we are focusing on several areas of activity:

Doing grassroots political organizing by trying to fill all open Precinct Chairs in Dallas County where there are populations of voters (some precincts are in flood plains or industrial areas with few voters.) We have made a LOT(!) of progress in this area but we still have more to do in order to reach our goal.

Ensuring free and fair elections by recruiting even more Election Workers including Election Judges (Presiding and Alternates) to put a Republican Elections Officer in every one of the approximately 470 Voting Centers in Dallas County. We did this for the first time in November of 2022 and hope to get all to recommit for 2023. If you are a Presiding Judge, Alternate Judge or Election Clerk, please re-up for 2023. If you are new to elections work, please join us to fill any vacancies that may arise. We want to grow a suitably large pool of Election Workers to make conducting free, fair and transparent elections easy to staff.

We had a lot of success in 2022 building a trained Poll Watcher organization to provide additional eyes in Voting Centers and in the Central Counting Facility. Poll Watchers provide the eyes in the field to report how elections are being conducted in the real world. We can always use more Poll Watchers and Observers for 2023.

Registering new Voters in Dallas County will be getting a lot of attention in 2023. Therefore, we want to expand our Volunteer Deputy Registrar corps to help register voters as well as assist with address changes in precincts with lots of move-ins from new residents.

Building a volunteer organization to work in campaigns, particularly in down-ballot campaigns for the upcoming local candidates. These are the campaigns that are not only very important but where a few volunteers can win elections.

Building a volunteer organization to help out in our office and at special events.

We have made headway in 2022 across the board in all of these activities but we are not finished yet. We are looking forward to working for even more success in 2023.

Please have a look at our recruiting page for more details. There are links on the page for you to sign up online for any of these positions.

Click Here For Volunteering Opportunities


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