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May 15

Texas SB14 Passes In Texas House

What a huge success for Texas children! Republican Party Legislative Priority "Ban Gender Modification" in the form of SB 14 passes the House 87- 56 in spite of huge protests in the House Gallery, which delayed it twice. Friday, May 12, 2023.  This day should be respected as the day on which an extremely courageous Democrat, Shawn Thierry stood up for children all over Texas and stood strong against the horrors of surgically or medically mutilating children who do not have the developed maturity to make decisions of this nature.

What Representative Thierry (HD 146), who represents Harris County, said in her emotional presentation on the House Floor this past Friday is well worth the few moments of your time. Please click on this link:   Rep. Shawn Thierry (D).  PLEASE listen to her speech and share with as many as you can.  People need to know of her courage.  A huge amount of credit also belongs to the committee members of the Legislative Priorities Sub-Committee and its chair, SREC SD12 Jill Glover, who have tirelessly advocated for the passage of this legislation. She represents NW Dallas County. 

To think that a bill of this nature has to be filed, sent to committee, debated and survive the myriad obstacles in the Texas House to eventually wend its way to the House Floor for a vote to protect children is almost unthinkable.  God bless Texas State Senator Donna Campbell and Texas State Representative Tom Oliverson, both medical doctors for authoring these companion bills!  What are the physicians who are lining their pockets, enabling and performing this horror story thinking?  Doesn't the Hippocratic Oath state:  "First do no harm?"  

Evil of this nature is incomprehensible.  SB14 only protects children within Texas.  When Dallas County Judge Mary Brown legislated from the bench to hand over 10-year-old James Younger to his pediatrician "mother", she promptly moved James and his twin brother to California where wokeism rules and began to transition him emotionally and physically into a girl, which she had begun at 3 years of age.  Dallas County voters actually had a chance to remove this activist judge from the bench to prevent her from enabling James' mother in her mission. Voting for Earl Jackson would have stopped this "Judge" in her tracks, but not enough voters knew or cared.

It is imperative that voters in Dallas County who abhor this behavior get involved, get informed, know their candidates, and show up to vote! Reach out to help us register voters, recruit or become precinct chairs, become election workers and poll watchers.  Knowledge is power!

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