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Feb 24

Why We Fight

We have focused on supporting our families, raising our children, and worshipping our God in whatever form that may be.  We voted for those we thought were doing their jobs for the good of the whole community and left them to discover that they had incredible power to do the bidding of a few.  Their 'job' ended up being just a facade for their 'agenda'.  Incrementally, they pushed 'their' agenda into whatever nook and cranny they could find a place to drive a wedge.  The City of Dallas and Dallas County once were Republican strongholds. 

Unfortunately, when Republicans win, they go back to their normal everyday lives and assume that all is well in the world.  Not so.  It only strengthened the resolve of those who would tear down the very foundations of why we have the greatest nation on earth, and that is what drove them to now be the majority in Dallas County. Slowly over years, this has turned Dallas and Dallas County into the very liberally ruled bureaucracy that it is.  Not only is the Dallas City Council majority held by extreme liberals, Dallas County's direction is also controlled by five extreme liberals who wield their positions to further increase their tightly clenched fists.  Who can possibly expect anything to change under the present leadership? There are only two of 14 current Dallas City Councilmen who actively support our police.  The definition of insanity, ad nauseum, etc.

The crime in the City of Dallas and its surrounding suburbs is at an all-time high.  The responsibility of keeping Dallas County residents safe falls on the Dallas and surrounding City Councils and the Dallas County District Attorney.  The inmates are running the asylum!  It is hard to see any positive reduction in crime when our DA refuses to prosecute the crime. The Dallas City Council representation must change to protect Dallas citizens or we will continue to experience flight to safer suburbs.  Residents no longer feel safe in their homes.  Hello Detroit, Chicago, Philadelphia and San Francisco!  

The Office of Homeless Solutions has no solutions except to buy multi-family apartments in order to (ware)house homeless, where, out of sight, they still suffer from what caused their homelessness initially: mental illness, drug and alcohol addiction.  This cycle began when mental institutions were emptied in the 1980s in order to ‘respect their civil rights’ and totally disrespect law-abiding citizens’ civil rights. Homelessness has increased exponentially over the years since then. 

We have 13 of 14 candidates for Dallas City Council, who represent a potential reversal of liberal policies.  These candidates do not have a party affiliation beside their names.  We have information at our office that can lead you to make Republican choices.  There are Republican choices in many of the suburban cities, in Rowlett, Irving, Cedar Hill and others, but we have to show up and vote!  Please contact our office for help in navigating their ideologies.

We must begin again to take back our school boards and our City Councils.  Our State Board of Education, once known for a very conservative direction in our textbooks and curriculum, was handicapped in 2012 by SB6 which gave the state's unelected education officials the capacity to change the curriculum with no oversight whatsoever.  The indoctrination which began then has completely infected a generation of children’s malleable minds.  Contacting our elected officials in Austin this 88th Legislative Session can remand this power back to the State Board of Education and hold those accountable. Many voices can be heard.

It is important to understand why we fight to stop the damage done in Dallas County.  Please VOTE for your City Council and School Board Candidates on May 6.  Know your candidates.  Get informed and involved.  Save our Cities and Schools.

Stay tuned.  

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