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Oct 24

November 2022 Election - Time For Change and Time to Choose

On July 29, 2021, Dallas County Republican Party elected Jennifer Stoddard Hajdu as Chairwoman,  permanently lowered the white flag of surrender and began mounting the greatest effort on offense to take back Dallas County and restore it to its former glory of law and order, fiscal responsibility and common sense leadership.

For the first time in a decade, we have great hope of reversing the downward spiraling of Dallas County into the new Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, Los Angeles. Pick one, pick any as every one of these once-great cities has deteriorated under progressive socialist leadership. 

We finally have a reason to turn out in full force to make changes. In a gubernatorial election, it sets the tone for the next four years in our elections. Of our 463 voting locations, all but 129 are run by the Democrats; 72% of all Voting Centers in Dallas County are controlled by Democrats as the dominant party in those precincts. The dominant party is determined by the party of the candidate in the last race for Governor. The more precincts Governor Abbott wins, the more Voting Centers we will control for the next four years. It is time for that change to happen.

For the past 10 years, we have had absolutely no Republican presence in way too many voting locations all across South Dallas. This is definitely not the final cure-all, but no Republican election workers in so many southern Dallas polling locations sure opened up the opportunities for election fraud to go unchecked. Our election worker fighting strength is 1,190 people and our poll watcher strength is 510 people. For the first time in many years, on November 8 we will have a Republican presence in EVERY SINGLE ONE of these voting center locations, a HUGE deterrent for election malfeasance. This is what determines party rule in Dallas County, along with electing Republican Candidates! From Governor Abbott and Dan Patrick to our Texas Supreme Court, to our Congressional Candidates Van Duyn, Gooden, Swad, Rodgers, Ellzey and Gillespie; to our State Senate holding a majority: Hall, Parker and Copeland; our State House Meyer, Button, Lamb, Denis, Meagher, Yrigollen and Fischer. Elections have consequences!

Early Voting began today. Today's turnout will show an unprecedented step toward returning Dallas County to more conservative leadership. It is absolutely imperative to elect Faith Johnson as our new DA to restore law and order to the county, clear the backlog of court dockets, clean out our jail and get these criminals off the streets and into prison to begin their repayment to society.  The George Soros-funded DA 'Let 'em go Creuzot' must go!  Our families are not safe in our own neighborhoods and he has been enabling criminals for FOUR years! 

Lauren Davis can ensure that no small business will be forced to close and destroy the livelihoods of many Dallas County residents. J J Koch must remain as Commissioner in District 2 to help Lauren restore Dallas County to common sense leadership. She cannot do it alone.

Shelly Akerly can get the County Treasurer's office returned to running like a well-oiled machine. What a novel idea to actually have an actual number cruncher as our County Treasurer rather than a politician!

EVERY one of our local candidates can help restore this vision: Our Texas Supreme Court is under attack: Young, Lehrman and Huddle must contribute to the balance on the Court.  Our once safely conservative Appellate Court Justices have been picked off one at a time and Keel, Walker and McClure are critical. ALL of the District Courts must prevail. Our State Court Judges who have taken an OATH to interpret  and apply the law as written and not legislate from the bench. Judge Rhonda Hunter (303rd District Family Court) and Earl Jackson (301st District Family Court)  will help keep the Dallas Family District Courts focused on making families better. In 40 years there have been no write-in candidates. Now we can unseat an activist Judge; WRITE-IN : EARL JACKSON is our best opportunity to prevent the gender transitioning of children.  Our County Court Candidates are Mike Lee, Jessica Lewis and Jordan Lewis.  All of these judicial candidates stepped up at a great cost to make a difference in Dallas County.

We have fine candidates for Justices of the Peace: Seider, Shalan, Stanley, Bobbitt and Frette in cross county Districts and Constable candidates Adamcik, Griffin, Woodard and Jones who are proponents of following the law!  Our State Board of Education Candidates: Monette, Little, Hardy, Ellis and Brooks.  Select their names!  They are our only check on activist School Board members who support CRT and SEL.

Now is NOT the time for Voter Apathy! Get off the bench and get into the game. EVERY vote for EVERY Republican candidate is crucial for the survival of Dallas County. We get the government in which we participate. How else can we look our children in the eye and tell them we did everything we could do to prevent the downfall of Dallas County?

Dallas County Republican Party is not waving the white flag of surrender. Are you? This is your choice. Will you make the right one? This should be an easy one. Take a stand; make a difference. Show up and vote!


About the DCRP Blog: The DCRP Blog is produced and edited in a collaborative effort by Susan Fountain, Executive Director of the Dallas County Republican Party (DCRP) and Bill Anderton, Dallas County Republican Precinct Chair of Precinct 2023. It is published on Fridays and Tuesdays. Some postings are co-authored by the two working together, some are authored individually by each and some are authored by guest authors.

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