Bringing A New Day To Dallas!

Rebuilding new leadership that is responsible and just.

Bringing A New Day To Dallas!

We are focused on electing leadership in tune with centrist values of public safety, fiscal responsibility, and maintenance and repair of our streets and City assets. Our police are under attack and in turmoil, depleting the numbers of first responders. Our infrastructure is crumbling.

Dallas desperately needs a new day. This did not happen overnight and will not be fixed overnight.  We are just beginning! And it begins with ALL OF US!

If there ever was a time for responsible leadership for our local governments, it is now.

We will make local issues visible in the coming months, building to the primary in the spring of 2024.

Dallas needs real leadership on city councils and school boards. Yes, it is going to be a lot of work. We won't accomplish everything in one election, but the new dawn starts NOW and we will be successful.