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Friends of DCCRW 2024 Kickoff

Tuesday, January 30, 2024 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM
Location(s): Texas Steakhouse, 3609 Shire Boulevard Richardson, Texas

Available exclusively to 2024 Friends Members and their Guest.  

Tuesday, January 30

5:30 - 7:30 P. M.

3609 Shire Boulevard


With Special Guests


Orlando Sanchez

Founder, Texas Latino Conservatives


Cat Parks

President, Coalition Por/For Texas


Alicia Cantrell

Chief Operating Officer, Coalition Por/For Texas

Orlando Sanchez

Mr. Sanchez brief bio

Cat Parks

Ms. Parks brief bio

Alicia Cantrell

Ms. Cantrell brief bio

2024 Friends of DCCRW are invited to this exclusive Friends reception and are welcome to bring a guest. Admission, hors d'oeuvres and drinks are complimentary. If you plan to come, please register at the blue button below, and if you plan to bring a guest please register the guest's name as well.

Thank you for supporting DCCRW's efforts to unite and facilitate the Dallas County clubs in championing the Republican Party, its principles and candidates.

Register Here for January 30

Please note:

You must be a 2024 Friend of DCCRW to register and attend this event.

Please consider joining Friends at the red button below,

and then register above for the event. Thank you!



Heartfelt thanks for your support!


Honorary Friends: Hon. John and Helen Carona


Carol Hindes (Platinum)

Stacey Schieffelin (Gold)


Shelly Akerly

Vicki Goode Anderson

Nancy Anderton

Ira Archer III

Deborah Arnett

Bonnie Brown

Margaret Camstra

Susan Cumby

Betty Dawson

Devie Dragone

Marty Forte'

Debra Harper

Cindy Holliday

Maidee Hope

Emily Jourdan

Mary Mallett

Corrine Miklosh

Frances Pearson

Rebecca Pratt

Annette Ratliff

Dr. Anne Slagel

Carol Smith

Chairwoman Jennifer Stoddard Hajdu

Jill Tate

Ellen Theilen

Larry Wainer

Katherine Wynne

Judge Ashley Wysocki

Christina Yampanis


Partial listing at time of printing.

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