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Election Transparency on Trial

Saturday, April 30, 2022 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM

American Liberty Forum presents:      Speaker:  Lara Logan    Venue:  Frontiers of Flight Museum 6911 Lemmon Avenue, Dallas TX 75209  

Evidence driven, solutions rich, this symposium will make the case for 4 things: election fraud is possible beyond a shadow of doubt, the current election systems are vulnerable, the problems are fixable, and action is necessary.

Internationally acclaimed investigative journalist, Lara Logan, will lead the symposium attendees in an in-depth examination of the indisputable vulnerabilities of the current electronic elections systems. Subject matter experts will demonstrate vote switching in a real election system and show how easy it is to access other parts of the election management software. Key election integrity professionals from other states will provide the latest updates on their elections issues as well as the solutions to address them. Legislators and candidates are invited to share their concerns and solutions as well. Transparency, audit-ability, certify-ability, proper reconciliation of election results are on trial! Jury selection in progress now! Go to https://accfei.org/events/texas-apr-2022/

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