Republican Candidate

Earl Jackson

Office: District Judge, 301ST Judicial District
Candidacy Status: Candidate

 Phone: 214-369-7100



Candidate Statement:
Write in Earl Jackson. Your vote is a vote for Texas Families. In the 2022 election, the vote for the 301st District Court is a “write in” vote for all candidates. In this election, your vote really does count because you have to remember the name, Earl Jackson, and write it in.

I am asking for your vote as Judge for the 301st District Court. This is a family law court. It only hears family law cases. For decades, I have represented mothers and fathers who found themselves involved in the family law process. I have represented thousands of clients in all matter of family law issues - divorces, modifications, enforcement actions, adoptions, property division disputes and child custody cases.

People need resolution in a family law case. No case should take 6 years or 4 years to resolve. Further, the rights of both parents must be addressed. The law does not consider the sex of a parent as to whom should be “primary.”

The rights of both parents should and must be protected. The Court is under a duty to make that happen. Fathers should be allowed to be fathers. Mothers should be allowed to be mothers. The law presumes that both parents will have joint custody of their child.

Judicial decisions should be fair and forthright without regard to any outside influence whether that is publicity or friends. Judges must know the law, follow rules of procedure, follow the rules of evidence and render a just and unbiased decision.

I want to bring the law back to this court.

I have been practicing law for almost 30 years almost all of it involving family law. In 1994, I graduated Cum Laude from Texas A&M School of Law f/k/a Texas Wesleyan School of Law. That Summer, I sat for the bar exam and was licensed the following November. In 2004, I was recruited by a boutique family law firm, Holmes, Diggs and Eames. While at the Holmes firm, I applied for and was accepted by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization to sit for the board certification exam. In 2007 I was Board Certified in Family Law. Board Certification means that an attorney so designated has gone through a thorough examination of his or her experience and passed an arduous two day exam covering all aspects of Texas Family Law. Afterwards, I became a member of the Texas Academy of Family Law Specialists, a member of the College of the State Bar of Texas, a member the American Bar Association Family Law Section, Texas Bar Association Family Law Section and Dallas Bar Association Family Law Section. In addition, my expertise in family law has been recognized by various groups such as the American Registry, Martindale-Hubble, National Academy of Family Law Attorneys, etc.

I was born and raised in Dallas, Texas and a fourth generation Texan. Babs and I have been married for 33 years. We have three wonderful children all of whom are grown. Patton, my oldest, was married this last year and is expecting his first child this Christmas. My second, Alexander, builds jets while my youngest, Janey, is a Junior at the University of Tennessee.

In my spare time (weekends), I enjoy cooking, playing golf, and hiking/camping. When I am able, I like to get away to do some fishing and in the Fall my children and I go dove and pheasant hunting. I am a member of Shriners International, the National Rifle Association, the Dallas Safari Club and the Knights of Columbus.

I enjoy my early mornings over a cup of coffee, quiet time in His Word. Usually, reading a chapter from Proverbs. Afterwards, some Fox Business News.

Special Write-In Instructions

Earl Jackson is a write-in candidate and to vote for him on the Dallas County electronic voting machines, you must is a special procedure.

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