Candidate Filings with Dallas County Republican Party

The following list is for all candidates who have filed with the Dallas County Republican Party (DCRP) for offices located entirely within the County of Dallas.

Applications received by DCRP will be posted by noon the following business day. The inclusion of a name on this list does not indicate acceptance of their application. For a complete list of candidates whose names have been accepted to appear on the ballot, please visit the Secretary of State’s website.

Filing Date First Name Last Name Office Sought Campaign Contact
11-Nov-17 Deanna Metzger House District 107
11-Nov-17 Ben Adamcik Constable Pct 3
11-Nov-17 Angie Chen Button House District 112
11-Nov-17 Linda Koop House District 102
11-Nov-17 Matt Rinaldi House District 115
11-Nov-17 Jordan Bredefeld Justice of the Peace
Pct 3 Place 1
11-Nov-17 JJ Koch Commissioner
District 2
13-Nov-17 Jason Villalba House District 114
13-Nov-17 Ray Nichols Constable Pct 2
13-Nov-17 Don Huffines Senate District 16
14-Nov-17 Chad Carnahan House District 102
15-Nov-17 Morgan Meyer House District 108
16-Nov-17 James Paul Rosemergy Criminal District Court #6
20-Nov-17 Rodney Anderson House District 105
20-Nov-17 Bill Metzger Justice of the Peace
Pct 2 Place 2
27-Nov-17 Missy Shorey County Chair
Dallas County Republican Party
27-Nov-17 Dinesh Mali House District 105
28-Nov-17 Charlie Lauersdorf House District 113
2-Dec-17 Faith Johnson District Attorney
2-Dec-17 Scott Kilgore House District 102
6-Dec-17 Chad Prda Dallas County Sheriff
6-Dec-17 Jim Phaup House District 113
7-Dec-17 Stephanie Fargo Criminal District
Court #7
7-Dec-17 Vic Cunningham Commissioner
District 2
7-Dec-17 Livia Francis District Judge
283rd Judicial District
7-Dec-17 Jerry Fortenberry House District 103
8-Dec-17 Al Cercone Justice of the Peace
Pct 3 Place 1
8-Dec-17 Brian Hutcheson Justice of the Peace
Pct 2 Place 1
8-Dec-17 Stephen Stanley Commissioner District 2
8-Dec-17 Jonathan Boos House District 113
8-Dec-17 Steve Seider Justice of the Peace
Pct 3 Place 2
8-Dec-17 Brad Perry House District 107
8-Dec-17 Mike Lee District Judge
101st Judicial District
10-Dec-17 Lisa Luby Ryan House District 114
11-Dec-17 Joe Ruzicka House District 107
11-Dec-17 Todd Gottel County Judge
11-Dec-17 Israel Aviles Justice of the Peace
Pct 4 Place 2
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