Republican Primary Candidate

Dakinya Kinya Jefferson

Dakinya Kinya Jefferson

Office: U. S. Representative District 30
Candidacy Status: Candidate
Ballot Position In Contest: 2
Primary Results: Lost

 Phone: 469-761-0414



Candidate Statement:
I am Dakinya Jefferson the mother of one and a lover of all people. I am running for U.S. Congress for the District 30 because I care about the issues which affect us all; such as, Constitutional Liberties, Deprivation of Rights, Food / Nutritional Deprivation, Affordable Housing, Equal Educational Opportunities & Advancements, Jobs Creation Programs, a Reduction of the Homeless Population, Socio-Economic & Technological Advancements, Our Need for Self- Sufficiency Programs, Availability of National Healthcare and Social Security Reforms for our Elders. Additionally, Peace & Safety, Civil Discord Among Americans, Border Protections, Illegal / Massive Immigration problems, Climate Change, Modification of our Infrastructures, and Renewable Energy Sources, are among other pressing issues.

Certainly, I welcome the challenge of encouraging the people of our district; as well as, inspiring them to know that it is OK to vote RED. Ready! Elect Dakinya! I'll Be Here & There For You standing ready to Uphold, Defend, Educate, and Advocate the principles of the Constitution upon which our great country is founded. Like Paul Revere, I am the enthusiastic freedom messenger sharing the Light Of Liberty, and Warning All to, " Wake Up! Wise Up! Rise Up! Take Your Power Back! " It is time for a Texas Round-Up For A Hand Up in District 30; therefore, like a Cowgirl, I stand ready to Lasso your hearts to bring us together so we can learn to work with one another, effectively, for the good of us all. I know that I am one sent by the Great I AM to be a defense for freedom; thus, I will be the eyes, ears and voice that our district righteously deserves. My only promise is to do my best to humbly serve all the people of our district. I pledge to always listen to, care for, and give my utmost attention to the concerns of all the people.

Yah ( GOD ), Our Father in Heaven, sanctified be thy name. Thy kingdom come; that thy will be done. Forgive our sins & lead us onto your good way, for thine be the glory and honor forever. Please, cause the Kinya For Congress Campaign to be a blessing for District 30, Texas, the United States Congress and All the people of America. In your name, Almighty Creator, who has endowed us with Liberty, I sincerely ask you who knows the secret thoughts in the hearts of men, to lead many to read, this message, be touched to know, that I am one chosen, by you, to help all people" Be Made Whole" in this time, and inspire everyday people, from all walks of life, to give to this campaign, generously. Order my steps in your word Dear Yah ( Lord).

I ask each of you, In the name of the Creator of Heaven and Earth & all herein, to give generous support, in every respect, to Kinya For Congress, so (1.) I may run a winning campaign which causes the District 30 people's hearts to turn to the color RED, (2.) have the necessary tools and finance and troops to ensure that enough " Boots " are on the ground to make " ALL" aware that I am in this race for a " WE WIN ", and (3.) So we can successfully ask "ALL" to cast a united RED WIN VOTE for Dakinya Jefferson For Congress to ensure real, positive change for our District. This New Lady holds the vision of a New Way for A New Day; I'm so ready to work for you! Thank You.

Dakinya Jefferson, affectionately called by family and her friends, Kinya, comes from a place that's " twice as nice " known as Texarkana, Texas but resides in Dallas County, Texas. She is the mother of one, a son named Champion " Congressman " Damond Jones who is 6 years old. .She was reared in the time of " No Child Left Behind " but experienced the life of having been left behind. She has a strong spirit of perseverance, and recently became a High School Graduate; she is very proud of that accomplishment. Education is in the forefront of the issues she is passionate about.

From childhood, she had a servant’s heart. She always served as an advocate for people and would even fight physically to protect those being bullied. Kinya was and remains ever the lender of a helping hand to her peers, the elderly, and anyone in need. Gifted with of gab, she often speaks up for the defenseless and for what is right. She’s bold, strong, fearless, wise, and compassionate. She is 2nd born of 10 children. Her mother gave birth to her at the teenage of 15, and her father has been in prison all her life, so she learned early the struggles, and challenges life could pose, yet through it all, she learned how to have faith in God ( Yah ) Watching her mother, who is her greatest inspiration, endure hardship as a joyful soldier of life, she learned valuable lessons which make her ever grateful and considerate of the needs of others.. She has always been willing to work with her hands, has never feared getting dirty to clean up a mess and doesn’t mind being called the cleanup woman cause she can really clean Up!. She loves music and often sings.

She assisted the Yah's Mission HOPE helping homeless people and others in need. She got her first experience with politics running and winning the student body president position in Job Corps There she received a certificate in culinary Arts & Security. Kinya has worked as an Independent Contractor in numerous personal service fields, served as an armed security guard, and worked numerous jobs in hospitality and personal service which she says has earned her the lifetime PHD (Personal Helper Dakinya ) in rendering quality service to people. She is Texas friendly, everyday people, and she is excited about working for the people of District 30. She is ready to sweep and clean out all the mess hidden away, and not dealt with, in our District 30 house,



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The Republican Primary In Texas

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