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James Rodgers

James Rodgers

Office: U. S. Representative District 30
Candidacy Status: Candidate




Candidate Statement:
If we continue to do what we’ve always done, we’ll continue to get what we’ve always got. And what is it we’ve got? All I see are international embarrassments where we fail as leaders of the free world, regularly infringed liberties, and misguided economic policies putting us closer to financial ruin. Our children are watching us trade their American dream for a destitute nightmare.

Our children deserve to grow up in an America whose freedom is still the envy of the world and ensures all citizens an equal opportunity at prosperity in a thriving country. To do this, District 30 must do something different. We have to elect representatives who will fight for traditional Conservative values of community-led government, free market economics, and a fiercely defended Constitution.

My experiences in education and business have equipped me with the knowledge and skills necessary to articulate these principles, to boldly advocate the merits of true conservatism with a passionate ferocity, and to combat today's challenges with effective legislation that will lead to real, measurable improvements in our neighborhoods. As a nation, we can no longer afford leaders who offer excuses, point fingers, and intentionally frame discourse in the most divisive terms. My name is Dr. James Rodgers and as the next Congressman for District 30, I take not only responsibility but pride in the challenge of working for you. Together, we to build a flourishing and more perfect community for all of us.

A Texas native and Baylor alumnus twice over, Dr. James Rodgers has over 15 years of education experience from elementary schools to university level, serving in all manner of capacities and in a diverse array of settings from London to New York to Dallas.

Currently serving as a recruiter for an international Christian non-profit, James is a former small-business owner, consultant, and devoted husband and father. Seeing our neighborhoods underserved by well-intended, but ineffective government systems that are ultimately driving inner-city poverty and crime, Dr. Rodgers will serve as the next Republican Congressman for TX-30 by championing competition with an education marketplace, economic equality with Opportunity Zones, a Second Step Act for the GOP to transform approaches to law and drug enforcement, and by fiercely defending the civil liberties protected in the Constitution.



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