Republican Primary Candidate

Nathan Davis

Nathan Davis

Office: U. S. Representative District 32
Candidacy Status: Candidate
Ballot Position In Contest: 5
Primary Results: Lost




Candidate Statement:
Coming soon!

Nathan Davis is proud to call the Lone Star State home since 2012. He was born and raised in The Bronx and has lived in New Jersey, Connecticut, and Tennessee. Over the years, his love for the country grew as he spent significant time in 46 of the 50 states. Nathan knows how lucky we as Texans are when it comes to individual freedom, security, and quality of life. Representing Texas in the U.S. Congress, he will fight to grow our quality of life, and to prevent D.C.’s destructive policies from negatively affecting our success.

Nathan has over fifteen years’ experience in the investment and capital markets industry. He has held multiple executive level positions on various multi-billion-dollar investment funds. Currently, Nathan is a small business owner providing financial consulting services to small and medium size businesses.



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The Republican Primary In Texas

On Tuesday, March 1, 2022, after the statute-specified period of early voting and absentee voting, the primary elections of the Republican Party will take place throughout Texas.

A primary election is an election in which registered voters in their county of residence will select candidates that they believe should represent the Republican Party for certain elected office to run in the general election on Tuesday, November 8, 2022.

In the primary elections in Texas, registered voters will select candidates for certain Federal offices, State offices and County offices. The primary elections are also used to select party convention delegates and party leaders. Candidates for these offices have to meet the requirements of the office and file by the deadline in December 2021 in order to appear on the ballot.

The State of Texas employs an open primary system. In this system, voters do not have to register with a party in advance to participate in that party's primary. The voter must sign a pledge stating the following (the language below is taken directly from state statutes):

“The following pledge shall be placed on the primary election ballot above the listing of candidates' names: 'I am a Republican and understand that I am ineligible to vote or participate in another political party's primary election or convention during this voting year.”