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Kathryn Monette

Kathryn Monette

Office: Member, State Board Of Ed, District 13
Candidacy Status: Candidate

 Phone: 214-663-6828



Candidate Statement:
I am running because our kids are graduating high school thinking socialism is the answer and America is a horrible country. They are being taught that there are 48 genders and comprehensive sex education that anywhere else would be considered porn.

School is where they should be taught Math, Science, English, Reading, Writing, Geography, History, Government, Art and Music. These should be taught without indoctrination of a liberal mindset. They are being indoctrinated with social and emotional learning led by their feelings, instead of academic content and knowledge.
School needs to be about academia and not the values of the school system or government. Values should come from home.

Parents are often being left out and refused information or input about the education their children are getting. Parents have rights for what their children are learning and should have a part in their education.

I think the academia should also include the Constitution, Bill of Rights and the Mayflower Compact.

I want to do my part to make sure that our kids and grandkids are getting a sound education and not indoctrination.

I grew up in Irving and graduated from MacArthur High. I attended ETSU where I pursued Business and Accounting. Later went back to school where I received my EET degree from ITT Arlington.

My genealogy goes back several generations of Texans. I have lived in Grand Prairie since 1981 and my kids graduated from South Grand Prairie High. I now have grandkids in the Texas School system.

I have been an alt. election Judge or election Judge for 30+ years. I have served as a precinct chair for 20+years. I founded the Grand Prairie Tea Party and I have walked for several candidates in the past.

I teach 4th grade girls at my church, all 3 services, and tutor elementary math at an Arlington charter school in their after school program.



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