Please Vote In the May 4th Local Elections

Chris Roberts

for Dallas ISD District 1

As we draw closer to early voting (April 22-30) and Election Day on May 4th, it's crucial to support a candidate who champions both conservative values and common sense in education. Chris Roberts stands out as that candidate, and he is the only Republican running for Trustee against 2 Hard Democrats.


  • Smarter Kids Today, Smart Devices Later: A conservative, common sense stance on reducing screen time, fostering real-world learning and interpersonal skills from a young age.
  • Unwavering Support for Teachers: Emphasizing discipline and respect in classrooms aligns with our traditional values, ensuring teachers have the authority they need.
  • Back to Basics: Advocating for time-honored, proven teaching methods rather than experimental trends, embodying the essence of conservative educational philosophy.

Chris Roberts' campaign is built on practical, sensible solutions that resonate with our conservative principles. Discover more about how these ideas will benefit DISD, request a yard sign and consider contributing by visiting


Remember, your vote is a testament to these values. Early voting runs from April 22-30, leading to Election Day on May 4th. Let's stand together for a common sense future.




Chris Roberts

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