DCRP Leadership

Dallas County Republican Party Committees

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  • Committee Type
  • Committe Chair
  • Committee Members
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  • Data and Analytics Committee
  • Ad-Hoc Committee
  • Dennis Brock
  • Jerry Berggren
    Beth Burretz
    Joe Washburn
  • Election Integrity Committee
  • Standing Committee
  • Wes Bowen
  • Patti Clapp
    Susan Cumby
    Madeleine Dvorosky
    Susan Fountain
    Cindy Holliday
    Robert Jacoby
    Amy Lee Lambert
    Carolyn Ogden
    Corinne Smith
    Michael Slaton
    Stephanie Smith
    T E Sumner
    Larry Wainer
    Bonnie Wells
    Julie Zvara
  • Minority Engagement Committee
  • Ad-Hoc Committee
  • Orlando Salazar
  • Liz Castaneda
    Troy Jackson
    Eugene Ralph
    Edward Retta
    Taft Thompson
  • Precinct Chair Resource Committee
  • Standing Committee
  • Troy Jackson
  • Bruce Bishop
    Mary Brooks
    Marty Forte
    Pamela Prince
    Eugene Ralph
    Tina Lewis
  • Precinct Chair Vacancy Committee
  • Standing Committee
  • No Chair (according to By-Laws)
  • Rick Burridge
    Aaron Ceder
    Susan Fountain
    Tillie Perkins
    Mac Smith
    T E Sumner
    Larry Wainer
  • Resolutions Committee
  • Standing Committee
  • Brian Bodine
  • Beth Biesel
    Kristin Bickham
    Wes Bowe
    Susan Cumby
    Peggy Lundy
    Eugene Ralph
    Michael Slaton
    Christina Torre
    Bonnie Wells
  • Rules and Bylaws Committee
  • Standing Committee
  • Dan Pickens
  • Mark Alegnani
    Tami Brown
    Matthew Patrick

Start a Dialog with a Committee Chair

If you need to contact one of our Committee Chairs, please click the "Dialog" button in their record above and submit the message form. Upon submission, you will get an immediate confirmation to your e-mail address (check your SPAM folder and be sure dallasgop.org is marked as a safe sender) and the message will be immediately relayed to the Committee Chair. You may get a reply from the Committee Chair via the DIalog system (it allows two-way threaded conversations) or perhaps a personal e-mail message directly from the Committee Chair's e-mail at the Chair's discretion..