E-Mail Notification To Election Workers

You Are Invited To Join Our Election Worker Team!

If you have not already done so, you are invited to register as an Election Worker with the Dallas County Republican Party (DCRP). While you may already be registered with the Dallas County Election Department, there are advantages to becoming a direct member of the Election Worker Team with the DCRP.


First, it is the role of the Party (DCRP) to work well in advance of our colleagues at the Elections Department. While staffing Election Workers is a joint effort between the Elections Department and the DCRP, but in our role as the primary source we start staffing first. Registering with our Election Worker Team will move you up the list for assignments.


Second, you can step up to become a Presiding Judge or Alternate Judge. The Party (DCRP) appoints all Republican Election Judges and if you do not register into our database, you will miss these assignments.


Third, if you wish to remain an Election Clerk, you can become part of a regular Election Worker crew for an Election Judge. This will likely get you an earlier assignment at a Voting Center closer to your home. These assignments tend to be more stable over time and longer term. The Party (DCRP) does not assign Election Clerks like we do Judges; in the Texas Election Code, hiring Clerks is the exclusive purview of the Judges of Voting Centers. However, we do maintain an Election Clerk pool for Judges looking for long-term Clerks.


In other words, for Clerks, we function as a match-making service that can match you with a Judge and get you an assignment well in advance of the assignments from our colleagues at the Dallas County Elections Department.


If you would like to join the DCRP process, simply fill out the online form at:




If you would like to step up to become an Election Judge, we have assignments now for the rest of the year and are scheduling assignments for the May 4th Local Elections now!


Thank you for your service in Dallas County election!,


Nancy Anderton

Direct dial: (214) 457-1203




Nancy Anderton

Election Worker Coordinator

Dallas County Republican Party

(214) 457-1203 (Mobile)


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