Well, Biden’s Speech May Have Unified Us After All

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Even the Biden White House doesn’t get things THIS WRONG with the ineptitude we’ve come to expect. The train doesn't go this far off the track unless it is driven there on purpose. This was not an accident. No, this was very deliberate. Despicable, but planned.


Political theater: Democrat Kabuki – a classic mid-term misdirection to change the conversation.


The political calculus must have seemed pretty easy in the Biden inner circle: don’t want to talk about the bad economy, soaring inflation, energy prices, the crisis at the border, failing schools, mutilating children and a bunch of bad public policies? Then, create a political tempest so over the top, so partisan, so outrageous, so dangerous, that the political bad act itself controls the narrative.


Create a train wreck so bad, we can’t look away.

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