The Dark Brandon Speech Has Not Played Well and
It Was Not Honest

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Things haven’t gone well for Biden since his “speech from hell” last week. Almost immediately, Biden backpaddled trying to limit damage, then he tacked again to double down. First, you’ve just had to love the consistency. Second, Biden once again demonstrates he can play fast and loose with the truth to make nakedly political points.


There are rumors this week of intermural conflicts inside the White House staff over the speech and Biden’s advance team being scapegoated for allowing the from-hell visual framing in the closeups.


It is also obvious that Biden’s speech from hell wasn’t remotely truthful; it only demonstrated Biden’s tendency to contort the truth merely to reinforce the premise he is trying to make at the time.


Yes, there are many differences between Democrats and Republicans. We know that. However, to twist that into Republicans being threats to the core of our nation is so obnoxious and egregious that the tactic is turning people off. It was a really cheap trick to avoid on running on Biden’s record.

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