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From a Texas Legislative Priority point-of-view we are being told by everyone that we “need to wait until we see who gets elected” before they are willing to commit to anything they might do once getting elected. The Legislative Priority for the Texas Legislature to Ban Democrat Committee Chairs is unique in that it is an issue that will be decided in the rules that are adopted on the second day of the session.  It is truly going to be our first look at those who support doing things differently than they have in the past and those that are more comfortable with the established ways, and results.


Because politics-as-usual is so tough to crack, we have to come up with new and creative ways to get the grassroots moving to affect the outcome.  We are all working to encourage the grassroots in our districts to turn out the Republican vote all the way down the ballot.  We should also be taking this opportunity to plant the seed that the reason to get our Republicans elected is so that they can work on the bills supporting our Legislative Priorities. 

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