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Tulsi Gabbard Left The Democrat Party With Your Democrat-Voting Friends

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As Chair of the Party, people often ask me – Why should I vote Republican?  My first thought is always – How could you possibly vote for the current state of affairs?!  Of course, that is not an adequate response and clearly does not answer the question.  So, I come up with examples of Republican policies that I believe reflect those of the person or group with whom I am speaking.  However, I just ran across (courtesy of Antonio Swad) a fantastic article in The Federalist by a bright young reporter, Eva Duffy, capturing the eight reasons Tulsi Gabbard left the Democrat Party, and I think it really sums up why the majority of Americans really do align with the conservative principles of the Republican Party.  Although I might organize the eight reasons a bit differently, I think they succinctly describe the War between the current Democrat Administration and conservatives.  Please see the linked article in our Blog posting.


Jennifer Stoddard Hajdu
Dallas County Republican Party Chair 

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