Texas Is a Red State

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According to many in the press, Texas is turning purple. Yeah, sure, any day now.


Can we lay this trope to rest? Texas turning purple is a pipedream used to raise campaign funds from out-of-state donors. Texas is a red state. Texans know it; even the candidates know it but outside money from deep blue sources still pours into the state every election cycle.


These left-coast donors have become like Herman Melville's Ahab chasing his white whale, "to the last I grapple with thee; from hell's heart I stab at thee; for hate's sake I spit my last breath at thee." Dude, give it a rest. Texas really doesn't care what you think. Don't mess with Texas!


Don’t get me wrong, we like what these misspent campaign donations do for the State’s economy. Much of it gets spent here and we really appreciate the business. Lots of media buys, and lots of political consultants buying bigger boats and the latest Porsches. But the funds produce few political results of any consequence.


The upshot is that Republicans control the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of the government of the State of Texas.

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