Texas Is a Red State but Dallas is a Blue County

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There are Democrats in Texas! We know because we have a lot of them right here in Dallas County.


The last blog posting last Friday titled “Texas is a Red State” all but required me to add today’s posting as a corollary: Texas is Red but Dallas is Blue. I’m further compelled to finish the statement as a children's rhyme, “... bunches of Democrats are in the county, what can you do?”


There are approximately 1.4-million registered voters in Dallas County. Currently, about 20% of them are Republicans and 46% of them are Democrats. The remainder, about 34%, are swing voters, also known as independents. If half of the swing votes break our way, we will still lose county-wide elections by 150,000 votes. This doesn’t require political calculus; it is just simple math; mechanics.


On November 8th, Republicans lost every county-wide race.


Republicans are the minority party in Dallas County; at least for now.

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