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Republicans are considerably outnumbered in Dallas County!  Therefore, it is incumbent on us to begin to seek out and register Republican voters and then get them to the polls on election day. When 50,000 Katrina survivors came to Dallas County in 2005 for refuge, we welcomed them with open arms, thinking that they would gradually return to their native New Orleans and continue rebuilding their homes and lives. They fell in love with Dallas and stayed here, bringing almost all staunch Democrat voters permanently.  In 2006 our Republican majority Judicial Court Judges were swept out of office and replaced with Democrats.  We've not yet been able to reverse that trend.


There are many ways to register new voters in Dallas County!  The first step is to begin with training and certification from Dallas County Elections Department.  We will be holding Deputy Voter Registrar training at DCRP HQ on Saturday, February 11 at 10:00 am.  Requiring only an hour of your time, you will leave with your full certification to register voters.  Come and join us! 


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