SCOTUS Made for an Extra Happy Independence Day This Year

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Arguably, President Trump’s most important accomplishment was the appointment of three mostly very solid Supreme Court judges, so-say the three big rulings that came down at the very end of June.  While most readers here will have seen at least the headlines, some texture could come in handy to help educate the CNN watchers or New York Times readers with whom you might cross paths!


Editor's Note: Sean O’Leary is a guest contributor to the DCRP Blog. We’re hoping that you’ll regularly see his byline as we continue to ramp-up our work to “update and motivate” as we move closer to the 2024 election year. Sean has been Voting Red in Dallas County for 15 years and now lives in Precinct 3000 (Uptown).  His background is in telecommunications for start-up to large companies. If you appreciate his posts, Sean tells us that it’s OK to buy him a drink at any upcoming DCRP Happy Hour – no need to wait until St. Patrick’s Day!

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