Election Integrity Meeting with
Texas Secretary of State, Jane Nelson

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by Jennifer Stoddard Hajdu
Dallas County Republican Party


Yesterday, I traveled to Austin to meet with Texas Secretary of State Jane Nelson with Dallas GOP Election Integrity Chair, Wes Bowen, Senator Tan Parker, who helped facilitate the meeting, and well-known election integrity expert Russ Ramsland.

We met face-to-face with Secretary Nelson and her senior staff for well over an hour. The specific purpose of the visit was to discuss the E-Pollbook failures and/or manipulation that Dallas County experienced in the November 2022 Midterms and again in the November 2023 Constitutional Election.


The Secretary of State is the chief elections officer for the State of Texas.


I am not aware of any other such meeting directly with the Texas Secretary of State about election integrity in the last five years – since Texas made the mistake of changing over to the machine voting systems. 


It is just the beginning of an in-depth discussion about the vulnerability of machine voting.  The goal is to set the path for elections in regionally combined precinct centers that have hand-counted paper ballots.


 I believe that with the support of five of the largest counties not only in Texas but in the United States, we can influence our legislators and leaders in Austin that we need to lead the charge in moving away from machine voting to secure hand-counted paper ballots.


n the meantime, please assist us by contacting your state representatives and senators and telling them how important these issues are to each of you.


Please read the full posting of this important story at the red button below. We must start building support for our position in the Texas Legislature now!

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