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Help Us Protect Election Integrity: Become a GOP Election Judge!

The Dallas County Republican Party is recruiting additional people to become an official Elections Officers in Dallas County for upcoming elections. Join our team of over 1,200 Election Judges and Election Clerks who supervise voting in Dallas County.


These are paid positions and include training.


We have about 100 open assignments for Co-Judges in the March 5, 2024 Republican Primary. We will be filling the assignments by January 7, 2024. That is in about two weeks!


The work is performed on Election Day and consists of one long day of work on March 5th (from 6:00 am to approximately 8:00 pm) and pays $20 per hour. In addition, Co-Judges will also be paid for five hours of training during one convenient day in February (including day, evening or weekend classes.)


You can apply online with the Dallas County Republican Party using the red button shown below and it only takes a couple of minutes.. We will vet your application and someone will call you.


If you have never been involved in elections before, this is a chance to perform an important civic duty while getting paid for your work.


In Texas, the two large political parties appoint Election Officers to oversee elections in each of the 465 Voting Centers that will be operated on Election Day. In Dallas County, this year's Primary will be a "Joint Primary" wherein both parties share the building and the equipment for the Primary. Each Election Center will have two equal Co-Judges: one Republican and one Democrat. Both parties work together but  each judge is the final decision maker for their own party voters. You will be our Elections Officer onsite in the Voting Center and will ensure that voting is being conducted according to the Texas Election Code.


The Dallas County Republican Party will appoint you to the position but your pay will come directly from Dallas County and you will be classified as a temporary Dallas County day-worker.


To assist you, you will supervise a small team of Election Clerks who will assist voters in checking in and getting ready to vote. For new Election Judges, we will help you in gathering your team of Election Clerks and will match new Election Judges with experienced and seasoned clerks to help you.


The requirements are simple. You must have transportation to and from the Voting Center you are assigned to. You must be a resident of Dallas County as well as registered to vote in Dallas County. More details can be found at the second red button shown below.


If you have not been an Election Judge before, diligent applicants can pick up what they need in order to excel in the job during the provided training. In addition to the paid training provided by the Dallas County Elections Department, the Dallas County Republican Party will additionally provide unpaid training before the County-provided training so you can get the most out of your paid training.


Over the last two years, the Dallas County Republican Party has made a point of placing trained Republican Election Officers in all Voting Centers in Dallas County for every election. It is our primary method, among others, that proves fair and lawful elections with maximum transparency. To achieve our goals, we have grown our Election Worker Team by 600% in the last two years. This recruitment is just the next step in our growth of this important civic duty.


All of the management of this team is performed by long-serving Presiding Elections Judges with lots of experience. They will help guide you.


We are required by Texas law to deploy this team in every election in Dallas County. Running elections is one of the primary functions of all County Parties in Texas.


If you like the work, you can opt-in to working additional elections in 2024, including the November Presidential Election.


Becoming an Election Co-Judge is an important role within the Party. The best path to secure elections is having a Republican election officer presence in every voting center.  If you want to become more involved, this is a great way to step up and fulfill an important task within the Party.




Nancy Anderton

Election Worker Coordinator

Dallas County Republican Party

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