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The Dallas County Republican Party is recruiting new leaders for all Dallas County Precincts with open Precinct Chair positions. You are receiving this e-mail because we believe you are a Republican living in a Precinct without a currently-serving Precinct Chair.


Would you like the job?


Our volunteer Precinct Chairs are the very definition of grassroots activism in Texas politics. The general idea is that Precinct Chairs, who live within small Precincts composed of only 1,200 to 3,000 registered voters., By knowing their neighbors, Precinct Chairs can best represent the Party to voters on a personal level. This is "retail politics" at its best.


Precinct Chairs are the backbone of the Dallas County Republican Party. In these political times, it is imperative for and incumbent upon Precinct Chairs in Dallas County to be VERY active.


Our primary job is to contact our fellow Republicans in our Precincts, get information to them regarding upcoming candidate forums and elections, dates and times.


As a precinct chair, you are given data to enable you to contact the constituents in your precinct and recruit Vice-Chairs to help you cover your precinct.  This is also our farm team, to lift up others to feel confident to follow in your footsteps and get interested, involved and informed.


Many voters in Dallas County are unaware of the importance of Primary elections, School Board and Municipal City Council Elections.  Voter apathy in Dallas County School Board and Municipal elections is the reason for the liberal progress of issues in Dallas County.


People who say their vote doesn't matter so they won't vote is the REASON that we have such low turnout. Dallas County Republican Party refuses to raise the white flag.  We are on a MISSION to recruit, train, equip, and launch new Precinct Chairs to cover every Precinct Chair opening in Dallas County.



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