Unneeded Duplicate Submission

You Have Previously Submitted an Application To Be An Election Worker

You are seeing this page for only one of two reasons: (1) you are logged into the website and we tested the JAC Election Worker Master Database and found that had previously submitted a record to the database, or (2) you were not logged into the website at the time you filled out the form but we tested the JAC Election Worker Master Database upon submission of the electronic form (just a few seconds ago) and found you already had an active record listed.

If you have an active record in the database on file, you DO NOT need to submit it again.

You only need one record and it doesn't expire except through a long period of inactivity of not working in elections or lack of communications with us.

If you need to update your information (change of address, e-mail, phones, requested tasking, etc.), please contact Nancy Anderton, the DCRP Election Worker Coordinator and she will update your record. To contact Nancy, please call (214) 457-1203 or click here.

If you have made changes, please let us know!!!

If you are only wishing to indicate your willingness to serve in an upcoming election, please use the current Recommit Electonic Form.

If You Are Submitting a Form for Someone Else (Important!)

You may be attempting to submit an Election Worker Application for another party (spouse, other family member or friend). Such applications are welcome! However, one rule MUST be observed for everything to work smoothly. If you are submitting an electronic form for a third party (not you), be sure to log out of your personal secure account. If you are logged in, you can log out via the link in the far upper right corner of each page of the website

If you are logged into your personal secure account, any online form you submitted is linked to that account submitting the form. This is an important feature for both the form workflow and system security used behind the scenes. It is a common requirement of almost all advanced web platforms. By simply logging out of your personal secure account, a new user session will be automatically created and a new user account will be established and submitted forms will no longer be associated with your account at the time of submission. Instead, the form submitted on behalf of the third party will be established in a personal secure account for the third party set up for this purpose.

The final rule to be aware of is that each personal secure user account MUST be established using a unique (not duplicated) e-mail address. This is a basic requirement of all accounts. Yes, that means husband-and-wife teams cannot share the same e-mail addresses on two separate user accounts. Each will require a unique e-mail address. Many providers, such as Gmail, offer free e-mail services.