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A Proud American of Mexican Descent Speaks Out About His Country
November 12, 2021
From Orlando Salazar, Executive Vice-Chair, Dallas County Republican Party. See Item

Legislative Priorities of the Republican Party of Texas
November 02, 2021
Priorities as adopted at the Republican Party of Texas State Convention July 2020. See Item

Liberty Enlightening the World
November 02, 2021
An icon of freedom and of the United States, the statue is of a colossal robed female figure representing Liberty, derived from Libertas. See Item

To the People of Texas and all Americans in the world.
October 27, 2021
Perhaps the most important document in Texas, certainly the most revered, is the letter written by Lt. Col. William Barret Travis during the siege of See Item

Was It Just An Idea
October 18, 2021
Was it just an idea? An idea that took hold within us. Each of us. Spurred us to action. To dream. To unite. To do more. To be more. A simple powerful See Item

We Have a New Website
October 17, 2021
We are building a new comprehensive website for the DCRP. See Item