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Biden Limits Offshore Energy Production
July 04, 2022
In a case of highly-questionable timing and incredibly bad policy, Joe thinks it is a good time to limit offshore energy production. See Item

Biden's War On Energy Production
June 20, 2022
Biden started waging war on domestic energy production the day he was sworn into office. His failures are not a result of Putin but of policy. See Item

Biden Voters Owe Us Gas Money
June 19, 2022
Joe Biden has waged war on domestic energy production since his first day in office. We're now paying for his failed policies at the gas pump. See Item

Bringing A New Day To Dallas
December 04, 2021
We are focused on electing leadership in tune with centrist values of public safety and fiscal responsibility. See Item

We Texans Must Fix Our Own Border Security
December 04, 2021
Texas is being invaded. This term isn't bombast, just a plain unvarnished statement of fact. See Item

Administration's Supply Chain Mess
December 03, 2021
Our supply chain is not only a mess, the causes are systemic and deeply entrenched. It won't be a simple fix and we don't think Biden is up to it. See Item

Inflation Impacts Working People
December 02, 2021
Inflation is a cruel regressive tax, particularly hurting ordinary working people and their paychecks. See Item

Republicans Are Proudly the Party of Parents
November 11, 2021
If ever there was a silver lining in the last 18 months, the stripping of our liberties was exacerbated and exposed the agenda of the liberals. See Item

Joe Biden's Energy Policy Failure Is Reflected At the Gas Pump
November 10, 2021
Wasting no time in poking a finger in the eye of the prior administration, Joe Biden single-handedly shut down production. See Item

Serious Systemic Attention Needed
November 01, 2021
The simple fact is congestion at the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach is getting worse, not better. Does anyone really think that Biden can ever fix it? See Item