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Dallas County Republican Party,
The Dallas Political Party
Fighting For Freedom

As Republicans, we are committed to preserving our constitutional Republic.  We believe that all are created equal with certain unalienable rights, and "all" means all.  We believe in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  We believe in the freedom of religion and its free exercise. We believe in the equal application of our laws uniformly for all people; not one set of rules for the ruling elite and another for the rest of us.  We want to build a strong vibrant economy that will benefit all.  We believe that hard work should be rewarded.  We believe in good jobs and good wages.  As Republicans, we believe in strong families and the protection of children.  We believe in education and the rights of parents to have a say in the education of their children.  As Republicans, we believe that ordinary citizens have common sense and are capable of doing the right thing on their own without the need for government mandates and over-reach. We believe that people can take care of themselves far better than any nanny-state. We believe that as free people who value truth, Americans can easily discern fact from narrative and outright propaganda.  As Republicans, we are the political party that believes in free and fair elections that should be conducted with complete transparency.

We believe strongly in the inherent fairness and goodness of the American people.

Republicans believe that our people can accomplish great things together.

Republicans are the Party of America

Republicans are the Party of Parents!
Republicans are the Party of Working People!
Republicans are the Party of Liberty and Freedom!


As a Political Party, Republicans Will:

STOP inflation and high gas and food prices.
Create good jobs and empower small businesses.
Preserve religious freedom.
Fund and back the police.
Support parents’ involvement in schools.
Ensure honest and fair elections.
Create fair, safe and efficient immigration.
Preserve the sanctity of life and family values.
Stop the march to socialism.

The ‘Tween Season in Politics

The Dallas County Republican Party has a lot going on right now. The election didn’t end our work, it just caused it to reorient and shift gears. This is the ‘tween season in politics.

We are ending one election cycle while gearing up for the next. For a short period, it is totally normal to be in both cycles at the same time. Neither of the two cycles has a clean edge where one ends and the other begins. Instead, the edges overlap. Where they overlap is the ‘tween season.

This work is typical of every election. Even while we are ending one election, other work is beginning on the next even before the recent election is finalized and certified. As a result, we're 'tweening.

Also, actual governing begins early in the new cycle. This also contributes to the ‘tween season.

A Long-Term Project and Big Leap

Much as we like to win elections, we recognize that Dallas County did not turn blue overnight and it will only turn back to red again if we pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, roll up our sleeves and get back to work. 

This is a long-term project, one that liberals took many years to accomplish, while we fooled ourselves into thinking that all we had to do is show up to vote every couple of years.  We have had many contributors who are blessed with different talents.  This is not a one-, two- or three-member team.  Over the past 15 months, we have accomplished many things and are very proud of what has been accomplished.

Texas Is a Red State but Dallas is a Blue County

There are Democrats in Texas! We know because we have a lot of them right here in Dallas County.

The last blog posting last Friday titled “Texas is a Red State” all but required me to add today’s posting as a corollary: Texas is Red but Dallas is Blue. I’m further compelled to finish the statement as a children's rhyme, “bunches of Democrats are in the county, what can you do?”

There are approximately 1.4-million registered voters in Dallas County. Currently, about 20% of them are Republicans and 46% of them are Democrats. The remainder, about 34%, are swing voters, also known as independents. If half of the swing votes break our way, we will still lose county-wide elections by 150,000 votes. This doesn’t require political calculus; it is just simple math; mechanics.

On November 8th, Republicans lost every county-wide race.

Republicans are the minority party in Dallas County; at least for now.

The Passing of Jeanne Wainer

Please join us in sending our deepest sympathies in the passing of Jeanne Wainer, the wife and soul mate of Larry Wainer our precinct chair in 1142. Jeanne was a stalwart Republican and member of Greater Lakewood Republican Women and Lake Highlands Republican Women. She was very active in the Republican Party.

Jennifer Stoddard Hajdu Interview on the Mark Davis Show

Jennifer Stoddard Hajdu, Dallas County Republican Party Chair, interview on the Mark Davis Show on October 25, 2022,

Lauren Davis Interview on the Mark Davis Show

Lauren Davis, Republican Candidate for Dallas County Judge, interview on the Mark Davis Show on October 25, 2022,

DA Investigating Court-Forged Eviction Notice

The Dallas County DA office has opened a probe into Justice Of The Peace Court Precinct 2, Place 1.

Jennifer Stoddard Hajdu interviewed on KTVT-TV - CBS-11

Media Advisory: Jennifer Stoddard Hajdu, Chairman, DCRP was interviewed by KTVT-TV - CBS-11 political reporter Jack Fink this afternoon. The interview will be aired during the 6:00 PM local news broadcast this evening.

Over 45 Attend DCRP Poll Watcher Training

On Wednesday evening, over 45 people attended our Poll Watcher Training conducted by the DCRP Election Integrity Committee and the Texas Republic Party. In the last two weeks, we have trained over 150 people and have additional classes scheduled for September and October to keep up with the demand.

Upcoming Events of Interest

The events shown below are happening soon and are drawn from our full Events Calendar.


Fight for Your Freedom.
Put Your Beliefs Into Action.

We need your help.
There are plenty of volunteer opportunities for you to do important work.
Become a Precinct Chair and lead one of our precincts, or
Become an Eelection Judge to run a Voting Center, or
Become a Poll Watcher to protect Election Integrity, of
Become a Volunteer Deputy Regisrar to assist people registering to vote.

Grassroot Grown Here: Volunteer Opportunities

Election Worker Volunteer

Become an election worker and help conduct elections in Dallas County. We need Election Judges, Alternate Judges and Election Clerks.

Election Worker Application

Voter Registration Volunteer

Our goal is to register 50,000 new Republican voters and 600 new Volunteer Deputy Registrars by October 1, 2022. This is big job!

Voter Registration Worker Application

Campaign Volunteer

There are many opportunities to work in political campaigns at all levels of experience include opportunities of first-time workers.

Campaign Volunteer Application

Do you have a question?
Start an online conversation.

Do you have a question? Simply start an online conversation. It only takes a minute or two. Conversations are two-way threads and we will respond to all submissions.

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