2023 Republican Primary In Dallas County

Please Confirm Your Willingness To Be

a Co-Judge In the

2024 Republican Primary

Dallas County Republican Party Needs YOU !


Our upcoming 2024 Primary Election Day is March 5, 2024!  We will need 465 Republican CO-JUDGES to serve alongside 1 or 2 Republican clerks in these locations all across Dallas County. 


If you are presently a qualified Judge, we can assign you to a location at which you've previously served or in your zip code.  Co-Judges will be paid $20/hour and are required to be in the voting center with the other party election workers at all times.   If you need clerks  we can assign them to you.


If you are presently a qualified Alternate Judge or an Election Clerk, we are asking you to be trained to be comfortable serving as a Co-Judge in the Primary. Please note that in the Primary, there will be no Alternate Judge assignments, All Elections Judges must serve in the Co-Judges position. This is unique to the Primary and we will revert of the usual Presiding Judge/Alternate Judge structure in the November General Election.


Trainings will begin in December going into January and will be REQUIRED by the Dallas County Republican Party in ADDITION to the required training by Dallas County Elections Department.  We teach from a Republican viewpoint to be our eyes and ears on the ground and how to recognize voter fraud in the voting centers!  You need this information to be successful!


Please respond by clicking the button below at your earliest convenience. 




Nancy Anderton

Dallas County Republican Party

Election Worker Coordinator

(214) 457-1203





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