Have You Formally Joined the DCRP Poll Watchers Organization?

Recently, you made an RSVP for Poll Watcher training.


You may not be aware that simply attending a training session does NOT add you to the Poll Watcher roster to receive watching assignments during the election. To receive assignments, we ask you to formally join the organization so we can process your application into the roster and complete the additional Texas Secretary of State training.


HOWEVER, if you do want to become a Poll Watcher, all you have to do is submit the application for processing. It only takes a couple of minutes and you will be working to help ensure Election Integrity in Dallas County.


You may have attended training just to see that it is all about and educate yourself, but don't want to join. That is fine and thank you for your interest. The more people who know about our Election Integrity efforts the better.


Or, you may be an Election Worker and attended to getting the cross-training. A double thank you to you for helping to conduct election operations. Election Workers have their own organization and roster so you don't have to join the Poll Watchers organization. As formal elections officers, you are already perhaps our best poll watchers.


If you are interested in getting Poll Watching assignments for the November 8th General Election, simply submit the online form using the button below.


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