2024 Republican Primary Re-Commitment

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Yes, the 2024 Republican Primary is just around the corner. We are required to ask the questions shown below before every election. We are now building the pool of potential Co-Judges who can work in the 2024 Republican Primary cycle:

  1. Early Voting for the March 5, 2024, for the Republican Primary.
  2. Election Day Voting on March 5, for the 2024 Republican Primary.
  3. Early Voting for any runoff election for the Republican Primary (locations and times to be determined).
  4. Election Day Voting for any runoff election for the Republican Primary (locations and time to be determined).

The 2024 Republican Primary will be a "joint election" and every one of approximately 465 Voting Centers MUST be staffed with a "Republican Co-Judge". All Co-Judges will have all of the authority and powers of a Presiding Judge for adjudicating any issues with Republican voters in their assigned Voting Center. Joint Primaries and Co-Judges are unique to both the Republican and Democrat Primaries in many large counties in Texas, including Dallas County. We will revert back to the traditional structure in the November General Election with Presiding Judges and Alternate Judges. This structure is only used in the Primary.

These will be significant elections and a Primary in a Presidential Election year. We need your re-commitment to serve  ASAP. Before we begin recruiting the additional Co-Judges to run the Republican Primary that will be needed, we're asking our current pool of Election Workers to re-commit now so we know how many additional personnel we will need to recruit in the next few weeks. Also, if you are currently an Alternate Judge or an Election Clerk, please consider stepping up to be a Co-Judge in the Republican Primary.

Please note that we are NOT YET seeking Election Clerk commitments; those will come later. For now, we are only asking for our current group of Election Clerks who would like to become Co-Judges in the Republican Primary.

Please confirm your availability to serve in the upcoming elections by completing and submitting the form below.

Please commit to the Republican Primary.

We are working on building a better process for election workers who will be working oin the Republican Primary for the Dallas County Republican Party. 

The first step is to confirm your availability for upcoming Voting Center assignments.

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At this point, we are collecting only re-commitments from potential Co-Judges to work in the Republican Primary and getting ready for the required training at the Dallas County Republican Party. We will begin assigning Co-Judges to Voting Centers later in December or as soon as the DCED real estate department can confirm the locations of the Voting Centers for the Primary.

This recommitment form is being sent only to our current pool of election workers. If you are NOT currently in our Election Worker Database, land on this page and would like to become a Republican Election Worker, please click the button below and fill out the short form at the link. IF YOU ARE ALREADY ONE OF OUR JUDGES OR CLERKS. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO FILL OUT THE APPLICATION AT BUTTON SHOWN BELOW AGAIN!

First-Tine Election Work Application Form