Poll Watcher Legislation Notice


In Committee on Thurs! Attempts to Put Watchers Under Elections Administrators



Bad Election Bill; House Election Committee - Kill HB1632!!! 


House Elections Committee Hearing 

Texas Capitol - Room E2.016 

Thursday, March 30, 2023 at 10:30am


The Texas House Elections Committee is hearing the bad election bill, HB1632 on Thursday, March 30, 2023 at 10:30am. 


House Bill 1632 attempts to switch watcher training from the Secretary of State to county election officials. It will place the county elections official in charge of training, testing and certifying election watchers. 


Can you say Fox guarding the Hen House? 


The purpose of election watchers is to monitor county officials at the polls, at the ballot board, at central counting stations, and at recounts. 


This bill sets up a complete conflict of interest putting watchers under the control and approval of those they must be watching. 


A watcher's job is to raise concerns when county election officials commit irregularities, illegalities and/or fraud at the polls, the ballot board and the central counting stations.


Call and Email House Elections Committee and Bill Author to Kill HB1632 because it attempts to put election watchers under the control of elections administrators 


Elections Committee Chair Reggie Smith

(512) 463-0297



House Representative 

Valerie Swanson

(512) 463-0572



House Representative 

Giovanni Capriglione



House Representative 

Dustin Burrows

(512) 463-0542



House Representative 

Mano DeAyala

(512) 463-0514



House Representative 

Bill Author Dennis Paul

(512) 463-0734



Wes Bowen


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