Poll Watcher Legislation Notice

DCRP Witnesses Needed
for this Week's Hearings in Austin!

DCRP Election Integrity Advocates,

Please be aware that Monday and Thursday are hearing dates for important pieces of legislation at the State Capitol.

Tomorrow (Monday) at 9:00 am the Senate-State Affairs Committe will hold a hearing on bills which includes Senator Parker's SB 2208 - Relating to the venue for the prosecution of an election offense.  Attached is the text of the bill.  If you were a witness to an election law violation or irregularity that was never investigated (to your knowledge) by the Dallas DA, please consider going to Austin to testify.  While the Chairman has the discretion to call the bills in any particular order, SB 2208 is currently the last bill listed on the Notice (also Attached).

The House Elections Committee has a hearing on Thursday (4/20/23) starting at 8:00 am in E2.016.  The Notice of bills to be heard is also attached.  Likewise, if you have an experience that highlights the importance of one of these bills (or voting down a bill), please consider going to the Capitol on Thursday.

To allow DCRP potential speakers to be able to schedule in advance, we have put a link below to sign up for future potential hearings (or this week), so we can start having witnesses from DCRP at these hearings as they begin to vote on moving these bills to the main body with a recommendation for a vote favorable to Texas.  Use this link to sign up for a hearing date and we will let you know about the bills as soon as they are posted for a hearing:  

Scheduler for Leg Hearings 2023 


If you are interested in responding to the above request with a three (3) minute (or less) statement for improving our election laws, but have not been to the Capitol previously, please contact Wes Bowen at wdbowen@protonmail.com for information.

Thanks for all you guys are doing for better elections in Texas!

Wes Bowen


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