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Live Blog for Election Day

We will be live blogging from the DCRP Headquarters and, later in the evening, DCRP Watch Party.

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Nov 05 08:00 PM

In the Evening, We'll Move To the DCRP Watch Party

As the polls close at 7 pm, we will move our live blogging operations, to the DCRP Watch Party at Smoky Rose Barbeque.

This is when things will start becoming fun. Our colleagues who worked so very hard for this election will gather and we'll start getting election results.

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Nov 05 07:40 PM

We Will Start Live Blogging From the DCRP Command Center

We will start our live blogging on Election Day at about 1 pm from the DCRP "Command Center" at the DCRP Headquarters.

From the Command Center, we will be monitoring voting operations and other political activities happening around Dallas County.

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Nov 05 06:00 PM

We Will Be Live Blogging On Election Day

We will be live blogging all Election Day; first from the DCRP "Command Center" at Headquarters and then from the Watch Party in the evening.

Live blogs will be created and displayed live and in real-time. They will be mostly text but will contain a fair number of pictures and some online videos as time allows.

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