Voting Centers Needing Judges

We Need Your Help! There Are Open Voting Centers Needing Judges

Look at the map below and its accompanying list. Currently, the pushpins on the map represent Voting Centers that need a Republican Presiding Judge or Alternate Judge on Election Day, May 6, 2023. Please note that all Early Voting assignments have been filled and all of the open Voting Centers shown below are for Election Day assignments.

Currently, 70 Voting Centers (shown below) are open and assignments for 296 Voting Centers (not shown below) have been filled.

The map will be updated in near real-time during regular business hours directly from our scheduling system as assignments are filled. The list will be updated twice a day and may run behind the map for a few hours. For details on each Voting Center, simply click on its pushpin.

If you find a location where you would like to serve, please fill out the form below to let us know and someone will contact you by telephone ASAP. We have Dallas County Republican Party volunteers standing to help you during regular business hours. Overnight submissions will be processed the next morning.

You can pan and zoom the map.

List of Election Day Voting Centers Needing Judges (shown on map above)

Voting Center Number    Voting Center Name Address City State   Zip           Status     
V0003 Evans Recreation Center 1116 Hillcrest St Mesquite TX 75149 Open
V0012 Rosemont Elem School - Lower 1919 Stevens Forest Dr Dallas TX 75208 Open
V0039 West Irving Library 4444 W Rochelle Rd Irving TX 75062 Open
V0041 Frank D Moates Elementary School 1500 Heritage Blvd Glenn Heights    TX 75154 Open
V0046 Glenn Heights Family Center 1932 S Hampton Rd Glenn Heights TX 75154 Open
V1084 Edna Rowe Elementary School 4918 Hovenkamp Dr Dallas TX 75227 Open
V1085 Urban Park Elementary School 6901 Military Pkwy Dallas TX 75227 Open
V1090 San Jacinto Elementary School 7900 Hume Dr Dallas TX 75227 Open
V1092 Edward Titche Elementary School 9560 Highfield Dr Dallas TX 75227 Open
V1095 Nathaniel Hawthorne Elem School 7800 Umphress Rd Dallas TX 75217 Open
V1098 Young Men's Leadership Academy 1625 N Masters Dr Dallas TX 75217 Open
V1100 E B Comstock Middle School 7044 Hodde St Dallas TX 75217 Open
V1104 William Anderson Elem School 620 N St Augustine Rd Dallas TX 75217 Open
V1107 Richard Lagow Elementary School 637 Edgeworth Dr Dallas TX 75217 Open
V1134 Forester Field House 8233 Military Pkwy Dallas TX 75227 Open
V1310 Tosch Elementary School 2424 Larchmont Dr Mesquite TX 75150 Open
V1700 Bradfield Recreation Center 1146 Castle Dr Garland TX 75040 Open
V1709 Austin Academy 1125 Beverly Dr Garland TX 75040 Open
V1726 Routh Roach Elementary School 1811 Mayfield Ave Garland TX 75041 Open
V2927 Schrade Middle School 6201 Danridge Rd Rowlett TX 75089 Open
V3003 T W Browne Middle School 3333 Sprague Dr Dallas TX 75233 Open
V3004 Daniel Webster Elementary School 3815 S Franklin St Dallas TX 75233 Open
V3012 Life in Deep Ellum Community Ctr 2803 Taylor St Dallas TX 75226 Open
V3029 Evangelist Temple Church 2627 Dorris St Dallas TX 75215 Open
V3034 Greater Mt Pleasant Baptist Chur 1403 Morrell Ave Dallas TX 75203 Open
V3035 F D Roosevelt High School 525 Bonnie View Rd Dallas TX 75203 Open
V3038 The Way-Truth-Life Christian Ch 1702 S Denley Dr Dallas TX 75216 Open
V3040 Good Street Baptist Church 3110 Bonnie View Rd Dallas TX 75216 Open
V3042 John Neely Bryan Elem School 2001 Deer Path Dr Dallas TX 75216 Open
V3043 Paul L Dunbar Library 2008 E Kiest Blvd Dallas TX 75216 Open
V3046 John W Carpenter Elem School 2121 Tosca Ln Dallas TX 75224 Open
V3048 South Oak Cliff High School 3601 S Marsalis Ave Dallas TX 75216 Open
V3049 Clara Oliver Elementary School 4010 Idaho Ave Dallas TX 75216 Open
V3050 H I Holland Elem Sch @ Lisbon 4203 S Lancaster Rd Dallas TX 75216 Open
V3052 Elisha M Pease Elementary School 2914 Cummings St Dallas TX 75216 Open
V3056 Mark Twain Vanguard 724 Green Cove Ln Dallas TX 75232 Open
V3057 T G Terry Elementary School 6661 Greenspan Ave Dallas TX 75232 Open
V3060 Otto M Fridia Elementary School 6011 Old Ox Rd Dallas TX 75241 Open
V3062 J N Ervin Elementary School 3722 Black Oak Dr Dallas TX 75241 Open
V3063 Ronald E McNair Elementary Sch 3150 Bainbridge Ave Dallas TX 75237 Open
V3066 Martin Weiss Elementary School 8601 Willoughby Blvd Dallas TX 75232 Open
V3070 Tommie Allen Recreation Center 7071 Bonnie View Rd Dallas TX 75241 Open
V3073 Highland Hills Library 6200 Bonnie View Rd Dallas TX 75241 Open
V3082 W A Blair Elementary School 7720 Gayglen Dr Dallas TX 75217 Open
V3303 Dr JC Cannady Elementary School 2701 Chisolm Trl Mesquite TX 75150 Open
V3309 Lakeside Activity Center 101 Holley Park Dr Mesquite TX 75149 Open
V3312 Pirrung Elementary School 1500 Creek Valley Rd Mesquite TX 75181 Open
V3617 Glenn Heights City Hall 1938 S Hampton Rd Red Oak TX 75154 Open
V3805 Rosa Parks Millbrook Elem School 630 Millbrook Dr Lancaster TX 75146 Open
V3900 McCowan Middle School 1500 Majestic Meadows Dr   Red Oak TX 75154 Open
V4028 Victory Cathedral 3407 N Westmoreland Rd Dallas TX 75212 Open
V4031 C F Carr Elementary School 1952 Bayside St Dallas TX 75212 Open
V4038 Harrell Budd Elementary School 2121 S Marsalis Ave Dallas TX 75216 Open
V4055 Leslie Stemmons Elementary Sch 2727 Knoxville St Dallas TX 75211 Open
V4057 Kiest Recreation Center 3081 S Hampton Rd Dallas TX 75224 Open
V4065 Arcadia Park Elementary School 1300 N Justin Ave Dallas TX 75211 Open
V4073 Preparing the Way Ministries 2442 W Jefferson Blvd Dallas TX 75211 Open
V4074 Sunset High School 2021 W 10th St Dallas TX 75208 Open
V4079 Kessler Park United Methodist Chur 1215 Turner Ave Dallas TX 75208 Open
V4081 Eladio R Martinez Learning Ctr 4500 Bernal Dr Dallas TX 75212 Open
V4082 Jaycee Zaragoza Recreation Center 3114 Clymer St Dallas TX 75212 Open
V4083 Jesus Express Art 1400 Walmsley Ave Dallas TX 75208 Open
V4085 Anita Martinez Recreation Center 3212 N Winnetka Ave Dallas TX 75212 Open
V4300 Cockrell Hill City Hall 4125 W Clarendon Dr Dallas TX 75211 Open
V4520 Sam Rayburn Elementary School 2800 Reforma Dr Grand Prairie TX 75052 Open
V4602 Nimitz High School 100 W Oakdale Rd Irving TX 75060 Open
V4616 John R Good Elementary School 1200 E Union Bower Rd Irving TX 75061 Open
V4620 Oak Haven United Methodist Church    1600 N Irving Heights Dr Irving TX 75061 Open
V4623 A S Johnston Elementary School 2801 Rutgers Dr Irving TX 75062 Open
V4624 Brandenburg Elementary School 2800 Hillcrest Dr Irving TX 75062 Open

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