Voting Centers Needing Judges

We're Wrapping Up Scheduling for the 2023 Republican Primary. But Election Judges Can Still Get Assignments!

Currently, we filled all 63 Early Voting assignments for Election Judges and assigned Election Judges for 396 Election Day Voting Centers. That leaves 55 Election Day Voting Centers that are open. See the interactive map below (and its matching table.) 

We have pending Election Judges' applications to fill all of these slots. However, most of these applicants do not live near the Voting Centers. Ideally, we hope to recruit additional Election Judges from within these neighborhoods. It is our experience that Election Judges who live near their Voting Centers tend to become long-serving Election Judges. After all, the people voting in these sites tend to be the Judges' neighbors.

If you want to adopt one of these Voting Centers, please complete the application using the button below, and we will assign you immediately.

We will hold the slots open for as long as possible before we complete the assignments of Election Judges to these sites from our existing pool. In any event, all of the remaining sites will be assigned to a Republican Elections Officer. So, if you are interested, please hurry.

You can follow along. The map shown below will be manually updated in near real-time during regular business hours directly from our scheduling system at least four times daily. The map may run behind the real-time scheduling activities by a few hours. For details on each Voting Center, simply click on its pushpin. If you have questions, please contact us.

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You can pan and zoom the map. Click on any pushpin on the map for details about the Voting Center.

List of Election Day Voting Centers Needing Judges (shown on the map above)

Voting Center Number    Location Name Street Address City State    Zip Code
V0055 Rocky Springs Missionary Baptist Church 316 East Shady Grove Rd Grand Prairie      TX 75050
V0063 Katherine Johnson Technology Magnet Academy 1200 Academy Way DeSoto TX 75115
V0064 Robinwood Baptist Church 111 E Stark Road Seagoville TX 75159
V0065 Mt Zion Missionary Baptist Church of Sandbranch       128 Burns Drive Combine TX 75159
V1094 Sylvia Mendez Crew Leadership Academy 1515 N Jim Miller Road Dallas TX 75217
V1097 W W Samuel High School 8928 Palisade Drive Dallas TX 75217
V1098 Young Mens Leadership Academy 625 N. Masters Drive Dallas TX 75217
V1100 E B Comstock Middle School 7044 Hodde Street Dallas TX 75217
V3029 Evangelist Temple Church 2627 Dorris Street Dallas TX 75215
V3032 Hector P Garcia Middle School 700 E 8th Street Dallas TX 75203
V3034 Greater Mt Pleasant Baptist Church 1403 Morrell Street Dallas TX 75203
V3035 F D Roosevelt High School of Innovation 525 Bonnie View Road Dallas TX 75203
V3038 The Way The Truth and The Life Christian Church 1702 S Denley Drive Dallas TX 75216
V3040 Good Street Baptist Church 3110 Bonnie View Road Dallas TX 75216
V3043 Paul L Dunbar Lancaster-Kiest Branch Library 2008 E Kiest Blvd Dallas TX 75216
V3045 Gethsemane Missionary Baptist Church 4600 Solar Lane Dallas TX 75216
V3046 John W Carpenter Elementary School 2121 Tosca Lane Dallas TX 75224
V3047 CFNI Student Center 444 Fawn Ridge Drive Dallas TX 75224
V3050 H I Holland Elementary School 4203 S Lancaster Road Dallas TX 75216
V3054 Judge Louis A Bedford Jr Law Academy 1303 Reynoldston Lane Dallas TX 75232
V3057 T G Terry Elementary School 6661 Greenspan Avenue Dallas TX 75232
V3063 Ronald E McNair Elementary School 3150 Bainbridge Drive Dallas TX 75237
V3066 Martin Weiss Elementary School 8601 Willoughby Blvd Dallas TX 75232
V3070 Tommie Allen Recreation Center 7071 Bonnie View Lane Dallas TX 75241
V3075 Wilmer-Hutchins High School 5520 Langdon Road Dallas TX 75241
V3082 W A Blair Elementary School 7720 Gatglen Drive Dallas TX 75217
V3097 University of North Texas at Dallas 7300 University Hills Blvd Dallas TX 75241
V3607 Cockrell Hill Elementary School 425 S Cockrell Hill Road DeSoto TX 75115
V3609 Desoto High School 600 Eagle Drive DeSoto TX 75115
V3611 Desoto East Middle School 601 East Belt Line Road DeSoto TX 75115
V3800 Houston Elementary School 2929 Marquis Lane Lancaster TX 75134
V3802 Pleasant Run Elementary School 427 Pleasant Run Road Lancaster TX 75134
V3805 Rosa Parks Millbrook Elementary School 630 Millbrook Drive Lancaster TX 75146
V3808 West Main Elementary School 531 West Main Street Lancaster TX 75146
V3809 Lancaster Veterans Memorial Library 1600 Veterans Memorial Pkwy Lancaster TX 75134
V3900 McCowan Middle School 1500 Majestic Meadow Dr Glenn Heights TX 75154
V4028 Victory Cathedral 3407 N Westmoreland Road Dallas TX 75212
V4029 West Dallas Center-Dallas College 3330 N Hampton Road Dallas TX 75212
V4031 C F Carr Elementary School 1952 Bayside Street Dallas TX 75212
V4038 Harold Budd Elementary School 2121 S Marsailles Avenue Dallas TX 75216
V4039 Bexar Street Baptist Church 2018 S Marsailles Avenue Dallas TX 75216
V4061 L O Donald Elementary School 1218 Phinney Avenue Dallas TX 75211
V4062 Leila P Cowart Elementary School 1515 S Ravinia Drive Dallas TX 75211
V4063 Elmwood-El Buen Samaritano UMC 1513 Berkley Avenue Dallas TX 75224
V4064 Martin Weiss Recreation Center 1111 Martindell Avenue Dallas TX 75211
V4065 Arcadia Park Elementary School 1300 N Justin Avenue Dallas TX 75211
V4071 Oak Cliff Government Center 702 E Jefferson Blvd Dallas TX 75203
V4073 Preparing the Way Ministries 2442 W Jefferson Blvd Dallas TX 75211
V4074 Sunset High School 2021 W 10th Street Dallas TX 75208
V4076 Stevens Park Elementary School 2615 W Colorado Blvd Dallas TX 75211
V4079 Kessler Park United Methodist Church 1215 Turner Avenue Dallas TX 75208
V4081 Eladio Martinez Learning Center 4500 Bernal Drive Dallas TX 75212
V4085 Anita Martinez Recreation Center 3212 N Winnetta Avenue Dallas TX 75212
V4110 Boude Storey Middle School 3000 Maryland Avenue Dallas TX 75216
V4520 Sam Rayburn Elementary School 2800 Reforma Drive Grand Prairie TX 75052


If You Are a Brand New Election Worker

If you have not yet signed up to be a DCRP Election Worker and don't yet have a record in the DCRP Election Worker database, please fill out the online Election Worker application to get regular information about working in future elections as an Election Judge or Election Clerk.

If you have one already on file in our database you DO NOT need to submit a second record.

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