We Need Your Help!

We Need To Fill Alternate Election Judge Positions In 37 Voting Centers

For the November 8th General Election

Our Judges, Alternates and Clerks Committee has filled 417 Election Judge positions (and climbing) for the November 8th General Election.


Earlier today, we received the final location list for all Election Day Voting Centers in Dallas County from the Dallas County Elections Department. (DCED.) In that list, DCED now shows a firm final count of 454 Voting Centers that will be used.


That means we have 37 Voting Centers left to be scheduled.


We got the final locations list very late in the process just before our deadline. Plus, there were a few surprises included. We'll be scrambling for the next couple of days to fill the open positions by the deadline. We have until midnight on Wednesday to complete these assignments. We have about 10 applications in processing now but we need your help filling the remainder.


We're asking for your help right now! We're asking you to step up to ensure fair and transparent elections.


We want to have trained Republican Election Officers in every Dallas County Voting Center on Election Day as the best way to have election integrity and transparency.


Please look at the map (and matching list) of open Voting Centers and "adopt" one of the locations to be your very own on Election Day. We will rush your application through the process so you can be an Election Judge on November 8th.


Paid training from DCED is available now.


We have Committee Members standing by to help you and answer questions. Just go to the link in the button below as see what is available. If you are willing to serve in one of the open Voting Centers shown on the map, just follow the instructions on the page to submit your interest and/or commitment.


We thank you in advance for your consideration.


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