Open Voting Centers

Open Voting Centers for Election Day, November 8th

WE'RE DONE! All Voting Centers in Dallas County now have a Republic Election Officer assigned both for Early Voting and Election Day!!!

To all of you who responded online yesterday and today: THANK YOU! You helped us fill 37 Voting Centers with Republican Election Officials in the last 48 hours! Tomorrow, we expect to fill the remaining unfilled locations.

FYI, all Early Voting locations are filled as well as all Election Day Presiding Judge positions. The pins on the map (repeated in list form below the map) are the only assignments currently available. Please note that if you are an existing Election Judge with a pre-existing assignment, your assignment has already been submitted to the Dallas County Elections Department and we will be unable to re-assign you to another location at this time in order for you to change to one of these locations.

If you are a Registered Voter and live in Dallas County. please help us out and claim one of these open assignments. If you are willing, click the button below and complete the short form, someone will get back to you quickly.

Yes, I will Commit To Serving as an Election Judge

The map and the list below are only updated twice per day. We are actively scheduling now. It is possible that any of the sites shown have already been scheduled. The map and the list shown below were last updated on 10/11/2022 at 6:36 PM CDT.


The map above and the list below will be updated every day at 12 noon and 7 pm.

List of Open Voting Centers Shown on Map

VC# Location Voting Area Address City ZIP