Poll Watchers Push Notice - Vol-004 No-002

Poll Watcher Needed for the Summit in Grand Prairie

DCRP poll watchers, 


We need watchers for the Summit in Grand Prairie at 2975 Esplanade Dr., through the rest of Early Voting.  The biggest need is at end of day. The judge is apparently asking everyone to leave the early voting center while the judge remains. We need watchers to check in and observe everything that happens until the presiding judge leaves, assuming that he doesn’t illegally obstruct the watcher.


Additional information about other concerns will be provided.  


If you have been to the local poll watcher training, all you have to do is get your certificate of completion from the secretary of state online poll watcher training and contact Wes Bowen for additional information at 214-632-1244. Thanks.


Wes Bowen

DCRP Election Integrity Committee Chair

(214) 632-1244 (Mobile)


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