Poll Watchers Push Notice - Vol-004 No-005

Early Voting Poll Watchers Needed for Mesquite Area  

DCRP poll watchers, 


Early Voting Watchers are needed for Eastfield Campus - Dallas College through the end of Early Voting Friday evening.  The Presiding Judge has been coming in earlier and leaving later than the Alternate Judge is allowed and has assigned the Alt Judge (who is the only known conservative in this EV location) to work a station away from the qualifying table.


If you can watch some in this Early Voting Center, please contact Wes Bowen at or (214) 632-1244 for further instructions.


Please also please see the attached flyer for the final poll watcher training for this election on Saturday at 1:00 pm at Freedom Place Church in Rowlette for those that want a refresher or would want to inform a friend that might want to watch for the conservative candidates on the ballot in the current municipal elections or to get familiar with the process for 2024.


Thank you.


Wes Bowen

DCRP Election Integrity Committee Chair

(214) 632-1244 (Mobile)


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