Poll Watchers Push Notice - Vol-004 No-007

Seeking Public Input

Dallas County Poll Watchers and Election Workers,


The Election Assistance Commission (EAC) is seeking public input into the Election Supporting Technology Evaluation Program ("ESTEP") manual as a guide for manufacturers of electronic poll books and testing labs for their certification.  If you have used an electronic poll book as an election worker and and/or observed the inconsistencies in their functionality and associated reporting as a poll watcher, please use the link below to send your comments to the Commission.


I don't personally believe that you can certify a system to be reliable if you can't inspect and certify the network that it is running on and its security.  There was nothing in the presentation or the manual about how they are going to certify all 3,144 county networks in the United States and how will they start preventing software updates from being run on the e-poll books in the middle of an election as happens frequently in Dallas Co, TX?  Given all of the irregulates in the e-poll books in Dallas County, such as the 11/7/23 Election Night Central Count Reconciliation that showed 3,076 more ballots cast than voters checked in... I don't see how the voters will ever have confidence in these machines. 


Please provide your comments in the spaces provided via the link below, should you have some experience that you would like to share with the EAC:



Please don't hesitate to contact Wes Bowen at should you have any questions.  Thanks for your assistance.



Wes Bowen

DCRP Election Integrity Committee Chair

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Nancy Anderton

Election Worker Coordinator

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