Poll Watchers Push Notice - Vol-004 No-018

Watcher's Still Needed for the Central Count Station

DCRP Poll Watchers,


Our candidates still need poll watchers at the Central Count Station for this election at the Dallas County Election Department this afternoon and on the following dates and times:


Monday (Today) March 4th - 12:30 - 4:30 pm (or until completion)

     Tabulate Early Voting In Person Results

     Receive and Tabulate Early Voting Mail Ballots

     Tabulation of Provisional/Limited Ballots


Tuesday, March 5th - 3:00 pm - until completion

     Tabulate Early Voting Mail Ballots (Election Day Deliveries)

     Receive Election Day Media from all vote center locations

     Tabulate Election Day Results

     Printing Early Voting In-Person Tapes


Monday, March 11th - 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

     Tabulate Outstanding Provisional Ballots

     Tabulate outstanding Early Voting Mail Ballots

     Third Tabulation Test


Please Contact Wes Bowen, 214-632-1244 or to schedule some time poll watching during any of these dates or times.  If you think you may be poll watching one of these days, please go ahead and take the Texas Secretary of State online poll watching training and print out or copy several copies of the Certificate of Completion, in case you decide to watch at the Ballot Board or Signature Verification Committee.  Please use the above contact info should you have any questions.


Thanks for helping our candidates finish out the Primary Election with bi-partisan observation of these important areas inside the Election Department facilities.


Thank you!


Wes Bowen

DCRP Election Integrity Committee Chair

(214) 632-1244 (Mobile)


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